The review of the Gregory Baltoro 75 Lts Backpack : a game-changer in backpacks

So the other day I was told to undertake a preliminary review of the Gregory Baltoro backpack (75 L) . By now I have had my share of experience with the Symbian 70 from Quechua, Exposure 5000 series from Seek Outside. So, the opportunity to review the Gregory Baltoro backpack was welcome indeed.


History. The journey of the Gregory backpacks started in 1977 when the company came into existence and since then it has been amongst the top ten manufacturers of backpacks globally often leading the way in terms of innovative designs and top-notch material. The Baltoro series was introduced way back in 2014 but even now it is a serious contender among the top backpacks and the company has introduced innovations to the original design every alternate year. The Backpack comes in three sizes 65, 75 and 85 litres and is separate for men and women. The present backpack under review is the 75 litres for Men.

The design specifications are as follows:-



If we talk a bit in detail on the above

The suspension is an automatic angle adjusting chassis which keeps the pack comfortable and balanced by adapting the body and maintaining the centre of gravity under variable conditions. This is known as the A3 suspension.

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The shoulder harness is two positions adjustable as well as having the capability to pivot independently of the main frame and is combined with a aluminium wishbone frame. this wishbone frame channels the load to the centre of the lumbar region fir dynamic support. Additionally, a ventilated centre in the back panel provides breathability and a removable foam pad provides adjustability to the lumbar support, known as Lumbar Tune.  The hip belt is foam padded engineered to provide support where needed and relieve pressure on sensitive areas.

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The hip belt as well as shoulder harness is pre-curved and features an easy change design as per the body structure there helping in finding the custom fit.

Now for my thoughts, I did pack it fully to see how it comes out and the following points came to my mind immediately




So when I loaded the pack and slung it over my shoulders, the pack felt agile, light and with the suspension system and padding I was experiencing a level of comfort which was a definite plus point.

The storage section was voluminous with three access points i.e. front, back and the front access panel. In addition to this there is a vertical external side pocket for additional gear storage There is also a front storage pocket which has an internal meshed pocket too for additional stuff that needs to be packed up once the main pack has been filled.

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Built for rugged use, yes that is what came to my mind as I handled this bag more and more . it has been built to take abuse and work like a slog delivering results where it matters the most.

There is also an internal hydration reservoir compartment provided in addition to the rain cover. The hip belt too has got pockets provided for storing smaller components.

What I did not like


Other than the above gripes I think this is one rock on of a backpack model , designed to go places grunting but never giving up , Definitely to be thought about in case one s serious about backpacking through the mountains .

15 Replies to “The review of the Gregory Baltoro 75 Lts Backpack : a game-changer in backpacks”

  1. Definitely buying this one if I see this in the market. 🙂 I have been checking out several backpacks but this one looks like a quality backpack. Worth trying out.

  2. Woah! 75 lt must be huge! I can only manage with 60 lt max. This is a cool review post on Gregory Baltoro, nice to know the pros and cons of the backpack. Hope you can use it for linger. I am using the one from Decathlon and happy enough with that 🙂

  3. Wow, I haven’t heard about this backpack before, and I’m glad that you made a review of it. I find it very comfortable to use and seemed to be really durable. I love that you have elucidated everything, especially the technicalities. I will definitely buy If i have extra funds, and would probably make a review of it as well. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

  4. Looking at the date when it was first manufactured, I would say that this brand had made its mark. I’m not sure though if this is available in the Philippines but I would definitely give this out a try given that my husband is into trekking. Thanks for sharing up until the specific details by the way!

  5. To be honest, I am not an expert on backpacks. but for the first time I am hearing of so many features clubbed into one. Comfort, safety, organization. It seems to have everything that one looks for when buying a backpack. But often I see the models compromise one or the other feature. Glad I came to know about this one. Not sure if I can find in India

  6. I personally dislike gigantic backpacks. I’m a backpacker myself, and I carry with me a 45-L North Face one. However, I really liked that this Gregory Baltoro includes a water-resistant shell. I wonder if they have a smaller one?

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