My review of the Lowepro Protactic 450 AW photography backpack for the urban photographer

Since the last four years I developed an interest in photography and thus began the journey into the fascinating world of visuals and their related gear. I am not a professional photographer rather am an amateur focused photographer who enjoys taking loads of photos.

During these years, I have built up my gear and hence the requirement of a camera bag has assumed paramount importance especially one which can cater to my needs which have been evolving over the years. Read on here about my earlier gear which I still use by the way but then they all have different functions and operating environments :

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So when I got the chance to review the latest best selling offering from the Lowepro stable I was pretty excited.


Regarding Lowepro, well it is one the top brands globally when it comes to specialized camera packs and cases having evolved over the last 50 years into bringing out some amazing technology into the world of camera gear transportation.





Weight: 2.6 kg

External dimensions: 34.8 x 27 x 48.8 cm

I have divided my review into the following subheads:



  1. Four access points, thus I can reach the interiors of the bag from these points.
  2. Multiple loops all over which can be used to attach various small accessories
  3. The “MaxiFit “system wherein the interior of the bag can be customized as per individual requirement using a system of padded foam dividers.
  4. Boasts of the “Slip Lock” system on which accessories provided like the water bottle pouch, accessory case, tripod cup etc can be built up
  5. The waist belt can be detached from the bag altogether which again is a superb option for those who wish this arrangement

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  1. The bag is built like a tank especially with the top of the bag in the form of a semi hard-shell flap
  2. Rigid construction all over
  3. Generous interior padding provided

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  1. I found the bag durable there is an air of confidence that this bag exudes.
  2. The accessories used for construction are top notch be it the zippers, the loops , the material , the interior foam padding or the stitching .

What can I use it for?

Option 1

Can be used for (a) full frame with a 70-200 mm

(b) full frame with a 24-70 mm

(c) filter set pack

(d) Additional 16-35 or 85 mm lens

(e) flashlight with batteries

(f) cleaning gear

(g) assortment of memory card case, batteries etc

(h) An apple macbook air

Option 2

Can be used for (a) full frame with a 70-20 mm

(b) full frame body only

(c) 100-400 mm lens

(d) additional accessory as per requirement


What I am using it for

  • Canon 5D MK III with a 11-24 mm ( now this is a bulky set up )
  • Canon 70D with a 24-70 mm
  • LEE filter pack (SW150 series) ( again bulky in terms of height )
  • Lee filter pack (SW 100 series)
  • Cleaning gear
  • Spare batteries


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My thoughts:

  1. It is definitely a great product with thought process gone into it, I think it is best for a photo walk or shoot within the city or a day hike to someplace nearby
  2. Having said that I would not be using this with lots of gear accessories needed for a photo expedition into the wild because the bag boundaries are rigid and well defined.
  3. The shoulder straps could have a bit more padding in my opinion
  4. This bag is also designed to carry the DJI Mavic pro drone with ease and is highly recommended though in that case the DSLR option becomes minimal
  5. It is also designed to carry a 15’’ apple mac in the custom-made pocket designed though that in a way adds pressure on the entire camera gear inside when zipped close.
  6. The ease that the camera can be taken out without opening the complete back panel is a path-breaking feature and i think this is the biggest USP of this particular model.


For the moment this is my GoTo bag for shoots in and around my place of stay with a limited gear and I think I am very much satisfied with how this bag fulfills my requirement.

18 Replies to “My review of the Lowepro Protactic 450 AW photography backpack for the urban photographer”

  1. Thanks for the review, I have been looking for something like this. The fact that there are multiple straps to hold different smaller accessories makes me like it all the more. And overall it is very compact which is again a plus!

  2. Wow, very well elucidated and detailed review about this amazing photography backpack. I haven’t heard about this one and I’m interested to own one If I get enough funds. This bag will surely be a big help for me, which would help me organize my camera well. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

  3. Great! I’m actually looking for a new camera bag as mine is already turning 5 years old. I thinks that’s a perfect bday giftfor myself. Thanks for posting.

  4. Sorry Im not sure if I missed it but how much is this bag normally? Also, do they have other colors? I can’t picture the design exactly but is it a unisex bag or is for guys only? I’ve been looking for a good camera bag where I can also put my laptop. But it’s hard to find something that are made for electronics. Thanks!

  5. Wow that camera bag is huge. The exterior a bit deceiving, doesn’t look much until you showed its many “surprises”. I find joys in bags with many pockets and compartments because I want my stuff to be organized. I hate it when I need something and I spent forever fishing for it inside my bag. I don’t really need a camera bag right now but maybe someday. Lowerpro protactic looks awesome.

  6. I can see the durability and how your gears will fit and very much taken care of that space/compartments. If ever I will buy, would love to have this one!

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