Best of Taki places to explore

The months of 2021 roll ahead, and as the monsoons lay heavy over West Bengal, I looked for places to visit that come alive in the glory of the tropical rains. One such place of visit in the region of Sunderbans and its outlying fringes. Keeping this thought of view, I decide to visit a quaint gem of natural beauty called Taki. Hence this post is aptly titled Best of Taki places to explore.

Best of Taki places to explore
Best of Taki places to explore

About Taki

Taki is a border town in 24 Paraganas(North) district, 70 km from Kolkata. In the role of a border town nestled on the banks of the River Ichamati. The Ichamati river serves as a natural border between India and Bangladesh.

Best of Taki places to explore
Blissful Taki

One can reach Taki by road from Kolkata by taking the Kolkata-Malancha road and after that Malancha-Basirhat highway. While using this route, be mindful that the road is narrow and single carriageway, and care needs to be taken. Having said this, the visitor is treated to beautiful scenes of fertile fields doting both sides of the road with chimneys of brick kilns in between. Very picturesque indeed.

Best of Taki places to explore
On the road to Taki

One can also take the train and get down at Hasnabad railways station, which is the adjoining town of Taki. From here, there are local rickshaws that can take you around Taki.

Best of Taki places to explore
Idyllli Taki

It is always recommended to use these local rickshaws when visiting the various best of Taki places to explore for the roads are narrow for four-wheelers. This also supports the local economy, which depends on tourism.

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Best of Taki places to explore

What to see in Taki

The Best of Taki places to explore are

  • Golpata forest
  • Ichamati river
  • Kuleswar Kali Bari
  • The ancestral house of Gen Shankar Roy Chaudhury
  • Jormandir
  • Hasnabad river Ghat
  • Bisorjon Movie spot
  • Puber Bari
  • Taki Durga Dalan
  • Taki Eco Park
  • Rama Krishna Mission Math
Best of Taki places to explore
Solitude n Peace – fields of Taki

Description of Places to Explore in Taki

If I mention in brief the places, the narrative would be something like this. The Golpata forest is an outlying mangrove forest, and there is an elevated walkway built by the visitor to venture into for some distance. At the end of the walkaway, one can see the Ichamati river and Bangladesh on the opposite banks. The BSF maintains watchtowers all along with this place.

Best of Taki places to explore
Golpata Forest – Taki

A boat ride on the Ichamati river is also a popular activity though I did not indulge in it. One can take the boat on a cost-sharing basis with other travelers or solo as convenient.

Best of Taki places to explore
On the Ichamati River

The Kuleshwar Kali Bari is a historic temple opined to be of high spiritual standing in the local community. The present structure is new and dates back to close to a century. Continuing with Best of Taki places to explore theme we move next to the ancestral house of General Chowdhury.

Best of Taki places to explore
Kuleshwar Kali Bari – Taki

The ancestral house of General Shankar Roy Chowdhury is another must-visit. Immaculately maintained, the property also has its own Durga Dalan ( Place of worship), where Durga Puja is celebrated each year.

  • Best of Taki places to explore
  • Best of Taki places to explore
  • Best of Taki places to explore
  • Best of Taki places to explore

The twin Jormandirs dedicated to Lord Shiva on the edge of a small pond spread a very ethereal vibe and sublime views. There is a deep sense of serenity out here as one sits on the edge of the pond watching the slow movement of the people and time. These temples are close to 400 years old.

Hasnabad River Ghat is from where one can hire a boat to see the confluence of Rajnagar and Ichamati rivers. However, I found the rates too exorbitant and decided against availing the services.

Bisorjon movie spot is where the 2017 Bengali movie directed by Kaushik Ganguly was shot, and since then, it has become one of the places of interest to visit in the list of places to see in Taki. It is basically a dilapidated house in the large orchard with a pretty pond as well. Quite picturesque, I would say the whole ambience.

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Puber Bari is one of the old Zamindari households which is abandoned now and is slowly crumbling down. It would be good if the Tourism dept steps in to renovate the structure thus preserving another gem in Best of Taki places to explore.

Best of Taki places to explore
Puber Bari -Taki

Taki Durga Dalan is a 300-year-old structure where the community Durga Puja happens. The structure is accessible only during the Puja times, and the unique aspect is that the idol is prepared right at the Dalan itself and not build anywhere else.

Best of Taki places to explore
Durga Dalan – Taki

Since then, the Rama Krishna Mission, established in 1931, has been at the forefront of development activities in the region. It runs schools, dispensaries etc., to look after the local residents.

Best of Taki places to explore
RK Mission – Taki

The Taki eco-resort is where one can drop in for lunch and dinner. It is a stay property and can be booked accordingly.

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Taki brillance

Best of Taki places to explore and my thoughts

So at the end of a short day trip to Taki , i started my return journey. All i can say that it is a wonderful place to visit both in the Monsoons as well in Winters. The rural life seen here was very soothing and in case the crowds are not there then the beauty is really felt significantly. I would definitely make a return visit to Taki to see the winter full moon night.

Best of Taki places to explore
Traveldreamsbysumit @Taki

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  1. I can never decide what I like more about your blog… the deep insights into pockets of life that you chronicle, the idyllic picture that you paint your words of the places you visit, or the captured frames that you present on these pages. Each place that I read about spurs in me a longing that can bring one to their life’s end, and yet keep them alive a moment more just to experience it for a heartbeat longer. I see the branches reaching out to the horizon, the clouds kissing the water even if in reflection – or is it reminiscence – and the whole place simmers in my imagination like a living, throbbing being. Your written word makes me sit with you and watch the leaves sway, in a breeze, I feel the heat of the afternoon in the shade of a tree as I graze through your page, and I watch the slow movement of people in and out of their simple rustic lives and livelihoods, as you make an ode to them. Time stands still, and sometimes, only sometimes when your words give it a nudge, inches slowly towards another dusk. I don’t want to move, I stay there until again your words gently bring me to the end of yet another day. I see you sitting near the pond watching the ripples, maybe a grasshopper sits with you in the grass waiting for the sun to drop, and bids you her goodbye when it is time for you to leave. You go back to the city. I linger there in my own memory. Who knows another dawn will bring you to sit with the grasshopper again? She stays put.

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