Baranti- Weekend destination near Kolkata

weekend Getaway-Baranti

This post speaks about offbeat weekend destinations near Kolkata. Baranti, a quiet yet emerging weekend getaway is a rural village, situated in Purulia district which even to this day retains the old world charm of rural West Bengal. I recently undertook this weekend trip near Kolkata

Baranti Weekend Getaways near Kolkata
Baranti -weekend trips near kolkata

West Bengal has a rich and traditional history which invokes interest in all those who come visiting this state. Amongst the various places to visit there is Purulia district. Famous for its rich heritage, culture and vibrant tribal people and customs, this region has catapulted itself into one of the top rural tourist destinations of not only West Bengal but also India. Most of the destinations in Purulia caters to the niche category of offbeat weekend destinations near Kolkata

Amongst its many gems, there is Baranti. A sleepy vibrant small but unbelievably scenic village. Surrounded by the famous Biharinath hills as well as the Panchkot hills, Baranti has been able to preserve the vibe of infusing a chilled out vibe perfect for those embarking on a weekend trip near Kolkata.

Amongst its many features to see, there is Muradi Dam which attracts everyone who comes here for its surreal sunsets.

  • Weekend Getaway- Baranti
    Wintry mornings
  • Weekend Getaway- Baranti
    Rural faces of Bengal
  • Weekend Getaway- Baranti
    Bengal kaleidoscope
  • Weekend Getaway- Baranti
    Enroute Baranti
  • Weekend Getaway- Baranti
    Happy surroundings
  • Weekend Getaway- Baranti
    Enroute Baranti

What to see and explore in offbeat weekend destinations – Baranti, near Kolkata

Ideally speaking, one should visit this place without having a checklist of things to see and do. However, the purpose of this post is to introduce readers on a quiet yet emerging weekend traveller getaway – Baranti.

The central locations  to be explored are :-

Garh Panchkot: Travellers visit this place to see the ancient ruins of Pancharatna temple located in a scenic forested area. This place deserves a short visit to see ruins which bear testimony to the attacks of the Mughals as a part of the historical lore.

Joychandi Pahar: Surrounded by Sal and Palash trees, Joychandi Pahar is a preferred destination of trekkers who come here to practice their skill and nature lovers who wish to unwind doing nothing but just listening to the wind rustling through the trees.

Muradi reservoir Borne out of the Ramchandrapur irrigation project, the reservoir with its calm waters is a soothing beauty.

Baranthi Hill.  The tropical  forest foliage on Baranti hill is all about bamboo shrubs, Sal, Neem and other trees. The entire hill overlooks the Muradi reservoir and is favoured by many for a short climb.

Baranti - weekend getaways near Kolkata

For my part I hardly visited any of the above places. All I did was to wander around the various small mud paths that abound the place, amid the Palash trees . My walks were to the sound calls of chirping birds and a gorgeous sunset as I soaked in the rustic beauty of this region.Read this blog post for more info on Baranti.

My schedule at Baranti

Like I said previously, though had made a checklist of places to see yet moment I reached, all I could think of was just to toss the checklist aside and soak in the natural beauty of the place where I was present and explore only the surroundings and nothing beyond that.

In retrospect, It was indeed a sensible decision and that Baranti ensured that I would always come back to this region.

When to visit Baranti, emerging as top-rated offbeat weekend destinations near Kolkata

This place is a must-visit in the monsoon season to see grey clouds on the horizon heavily laden with rain and green foliage on the trees all around. This would indeed be a magical frame, and I can almost imagine the pleasure it would be to see that.

Secondly one must visit in months of March-April when Palash Trees bloom and the entire region is covered by a canopy of red Palash flowers. As per the locals it a sight to behold.

  • weekend Getaway-Baranti
    West Bengal countryside
  • weekend Getaway-Baranti
    The joy of being in classical Baranti
  • weekend Getaway-Baranti
    Sunsets are passion
  • weekend Getaway-Baranti
    Solitary fisherman -Baranti

Where to stay at Baranti.

There are many options to say in and around Baranti, including the nearby places to visit. On my part, I stayed at PalashBari Ecological Resort. It is one of the few active resorts that promote ecological sustenance in a balanced way. The only tip is to book beforehand as there are lots of bookings shortages do occur during weekends( they have an online presence as well ).

How does one reach Baranti?  

Baranthi is apt for a weekend trip near kolkata . It can be reached by road taking the GT Road ( AH1) as one exits Kolkata and after that take a left turn on entering the town of RaniGanj. As one moves ahead, cross the Damodar river at Meija and after that Baranthi is reached soon. For the record, Baranthi is 250 km from Kolkata.

My notes on  Baranti, which is now rated as an offbeat weekend destination near Kolkata

In the notes section, I collate my thoughts on the experience of the place. Regarding Baranti,would like to sum it up by saying it is not the exotic locale that one has conjured up in imagination. It is one of those numerous village regions that dot this country of ours and have been in existence since so long.

What makes Baranti unique is just this fact that it is a typical unpretentious region in sync with nature. It is this quality which is no more present in the places where we live surrounded by technology of the 21st century.

Baranti - Weekend getaways near kolkata
Slow Baranti

Baranti shows the traveller of a world where technology is second to nature. It reveals the harmonious balance of human with nature. This is what is so cherished by everyone who comes visiting this place repeatedly. I, for one, will be returning to Baranti this monsoon to soak in the magic of  Baranti in monsoons and experience one of the finest offbeat weekend destinations near Kolkata

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32 Replies to “Baranti- Weekend destination near Kolkata”

  1. Oh I breezed through the write up and the experience you had . I am sure the way you have described this place will give the readers an idea about the place and will help them plan accordingly. Sometimes, it is better to soak in the vibes of the place than to just tick off checklist. Amazing captures as usual..

  2. Wow what a stunning post! this is somewhere i have never heard of before but after this post it will definitely be on my bucket list of places to go!

  3. I love to read about off-the-beaten destinations and your description of Baranti makes me dream of the day I will visit India. There are so many treasures to discover in India and I can’t wait to explore West Bengal.

  4. Let me start with the amazing pictures that first draws me to this place Baranti. Frankly I had never heard of it although it’s so close to Durgapur where I keep visiting. But I love what I see. The laid back place where you can just walk and discover as you go appeals to me. I plan quite a lot when I go for a holiday normally but for a place like this I would go with your way, no checklist. Just explore.

  5. It is interesting that you recommend visiting during monsoon season. You don’t hear that often, but I bet you are right in terms of being able to see all the rich colors and hues. Baranti seems like a beautiful place to visit any time of year.

  6. I’ve been seeing lots of India blogs these days and discovering some new places, including places I never heard before! This country is so big and when I traveled to India, I only made it to Rajasthan region and a little of Rishikesh in the north. I’m not sure when I’ll be back but I’ll definitely refer to your blog for some inspiration. Thanks a lot for this post, Sumit!

    1. HI , i am so glad that you found the post helpful . Would love to keep in touch as well through the blogs that we write , rgds

  7. The east coast of India is still on my list. I have been to India 3 times so far, but I did not have time for Kolkata and its surroundings. This area is planned for my next trip, so I will gladly follow your suggestions. Your photos intrigued me and encouraged me to see Baranti. It seems to be a beautiful place in terms of landscape and culture.

  8. Wow, this was like discovering an unexplored gem. Though I haven’t seen all the popular places of West Bengal yet, this looks more attractive to me. This also reinstates that our villages have so much potential and they can offer so much to us.

  9. Baranti looks incredible! I would love to visit and lock my phone away. It sounds like a wonderful to disconnect and detox all the social media and news out of my system! I would love to climb Baranthi hisl and view the reservoir. It sounds so peaceful!

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