One day trip Kolkata to Gongoni

A post describing one day trip, Kolkata to Gongoni. I have made a resolve of exploring Bengal in a manner which justifies my stay out here. This state has a lot of places and history beyond Kolkata. While not every place will be steeped in history or be flamboyant for a visitor, may of them be unique and deserve to be visited and spoken about.Weekend trips from Kolkata can also be a theme of this post.

one day trip Kolkata to Gongoni
One day trip Kolkata to Gongoni

The main districts of Bengal which are worth exploring are Bankura, Medinipur, Purulia, Bardhaman, Howrah, Malda, Murshidabad, to name a few. Have a look at my photo story in concise form here.

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Each of these districts is filled with unique places and locations galore which might interest a visitor. There are destinations which can termed under a day from from Kolkata or a weekend trip from Kolkata. Do read here about my very first trip to Purbasthali , which comes under the category of Weekend trip from Kolkata. Then there is the increasingly famous Baranti, in Purulia district which is being discovered by travellers. Read here about my journey to Baranti.

  • one day trip Kolkata to Gongoni

  • one day trip Kolkata to Gongoni

  • one day trip Kolkata to Gongoni

  • one day trip Kolkata to Gongoni

One day trip, Kolkata to Gongoni

Thus my interest dawned in visiting the “ Grand Canyon “ of West Bengal, located near the small town of Garbeta in Paschim Medinipur district, known as Gongoni. Locally also called as “ Gongoni Danga”, this mini wonder of nature consists of a wide gorge of red soil standing on the banks of the river Silabati.

About Gongoni

one day trip Kolkata to Gongoni
One day trip Kolkata to Gongoni

The Gongoni gorge was formed by the river Silabati through years of soil erosion coupled with the action of the river waters eating away into the river gorge walls. In the Indo Gangetic plain, this kind of landscape is definitely eye-catching and hence deserves a visit. The only other place where I am aware of this kind of a landscape is the gigantic Gandikota, canyon in Andhra Pradesh.

  • one day trip Kolkata to Gongoni

  • one day trip Kolkata to Gongoni

  • one day trip Kolkata to Gongoni

Chiselled by Shilabati river, the canyon for long has been visited by locals who enjoyed nature’s beauty. For the past so many years, nature effects have cut through the layers of clay and rocks, forming strange structures with different shades of colours.

How to reach Gongoni & FAQ

One day trip Kolkata to Gongoni. To reach Gangoni, one has to go via Arambag and then turn into the Arambag Kamarpukur road which will take one to Garbeta. From Garbeta, one can ask for directions to reach Gongoni, which is like a dirt track. There are no eating options out at Gongoni. Restrooms too are non-existent. So one has to plan for the essentials accordingly.

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My recommendation is

  1. To plan for reaching the canyon early in morning before the heat builds up.
  2. Plan for a visit in monsoons or immediately after that to enjoy the drama of the monsoon sky.
  3. Also one can club this visit with a visit to the local temples at Garbeta which are highly revered.

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25 Replies to “One day trip Kolkata to Gongoni”

  1. This is the first time that I am hearing of this location. It is for sure on my bucket list now! Thanks for sharing

  2. I’ve never heard of Gongoni before but it looks like a beautiful spot to walk around and the landscape looks really unique as well.

  3. This is so exciting to read – especially because my whole family is from Kolkata! Although I haven’t been myself In many years, I can see why I should plan a visit 🙂

  4. Love the views of Gongoni Gorge. What a beautiful landscape and to think it is relatively close to Kolkata! But I think my favorite part of this one day trip to Gongoni is all the pictures you captured of the women working the fields. The people was one of our favorite parts of India when we were there!

  5. Thanks for the good itinerary and it looks like a beautiful place to explore. Thanks a lot for sharing the beautiful pictures. – Knycx Journeying

  6. You are from Kolkata too?
    However I had never been to Gongoni but your experience was good and I’d love to visit the place someday!

  7. hmmm not sure about this places,,,,at the end of the article says restrooms are non existent…thats one thing….second is, in every adventure that i want to go,,,i always want it to end in a beach where i can relax swim enjoy fresh seafood those kinds of things before going back to reality of living in a city

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