My review of Sony’s NW-WS413 walkman

Running is one of the most pleasurable and motivating aspects these days. For me as an individual running has been an activity that I have indulged in since childhood but as years have flown by I realized that the spark in running had diminished and I was finding it more n more daunting. Then I realized that either I find a co runner or maybe induce an element of novelty into the exercise and thought of music as a input.

When the thought came to music I decided to get myself a suitable gadget which could be used extensively. The prerequisites were


My search led me to finally home on to the Sony’s NW-WS413 walkman.

The new product from the Sony stable is built for rugged use from the word Go. It is salt waterproof in addition to dust proof and is designed top operate in varied temperatures. This took care of my two requirements of “toughness & reliability”

With a weight of only 32 g and prioritized user comfort , with a secure unique wrap around headset , the gadget fits snugly in my ear without falling off as I went running there by addressing the issues of “Weight &comfort” . The ergonomics on the Walkman is way too cool and I totally love the way the charging slots as well as USB ports have been designed making it move away from the conventional methodology.

It has the option of listening to the tracks as well as filtering out the ambient noises in a way that I am also aware of my surroundings thereby getting Safety into the equation when I am road running. A unique mode option that can be switched on.

Sony claims to have a 12 hour battery usage time and that is not all , it claims to charge the headset for 01 hour playing time within 03 minutes of charging time. Now that feature really swayed me towards it

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The USB cradle is essential for charging and file transferring and this is an important accessory. There is a micro USB also included.

The system memory is designed for 4GB space for storing music tracks.

Two sets of earbuds are also included with the white ones for normal use while the black ones are for swimming. Moreover, these come in 3 sizes thereby ensuring that one size at least would definitely match snugly.

However, it is to be noted that this cannot be connected to the smartphone for live streaming of songs or blue tooth connectivity thereby those who wish to take voice calls or live stream music will find this gadget not meeting their requirement.

I purchased the same from Amazon during an offer and got them at a deal, however the present pricing of the same is close to 6000 INR.

4 Replies to “My review of Sony’s NW-WS413 walkman”

  1. 12 hour usage time and 4 GB memory looks good to me. Plus it’s a Sony. Meaning, quality is maintained. I will surely add this to my shopping list. 🙂

  2. Been looking for something similar since I started running! I know Sony is a good brand cause I actually have a mp3 player that still works after 10+ years. Will definitely check this out

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