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Mumbai !!!! It was way back when I first came to Mumbai. The memories and feelings are still vivid as if it was just a couple of days back, Konark Express Train No. 1020 Up, from Visakhapatnam chugged into one of the outlying platforms of the Chattrapati Shivaji Terminus erstwhile known as Victoria Terminus. The […]

What should I pack for the upcoming trek? It is going to be a multi-day trek , so how do I find the right combination between essential , desirable , weight carrying capacity and the correct frame of mind to enjoy the scenic vistas with the backpack on my back. I had all these queries […]

My airport experiences: CISF & Me I have generally been a private kind of a guy when it comes to public places and airports are generally as public as they come. So i do make a point to ensure that at the airports all my check boxes iro documentation, Do’S & Dont’s are clearly thought […]