Lets discover the magic of beaches of South Goa this summer

Introduction.          Goa,India’s smallest state located in the South Western region of India is a jewel by itself, visited by large number of domestic and international tourists each year for its beaches , places of worship and architecture. On personal front  I have visited Goa a couple of times in the past , being based in Mumbai it was natural to head out to Goa for a extended weekend but again with no proper planning and information I used to soak in the Goan experience of North Goa, the region North of the airport comprising of world renowned beaches like Anjuna , Vagator,Calangute,Baga,Morjim, Candolim,Miramar the list is endless. Hordes of tourists throng these beaches each year and honestly put the limit has been reached and the charm that these beaches used to infuse which made them iconic has been overwhelmed by the sheer number of people who throng them. So now what happens to those like me who generally are not much aware of which all beaches are there in Goa that still belong to that category that makes one not wish to leave Goa and go back when the holiday is ending. I had heard about pristine beaches but somehow could never get around to finding them out because lets face it, there are hundreds of beaches out there and the time is limited.

Soon as years rolled by, I got a chance to relocate close to Goa and hence I was able to get a much clearer picture of what it meant to be on a pristine empty beach with maybe a handful of individuals occupying the canvas that the eyes saw as one did an entire 180 deg visual check. So here are my recommendations on the laid back beaches in South Goa, they still belong to the category of legendary beaches that helped Goa to achieve iconic status that it enjoys as on date.

The list of beaches begins from the southern tip of Goa right at the Karnataka Border , to reach here it takes around two and half hours from the airport travelling on the Kochi Panvel Highway which extends all the way from Panvel in Maharastra to Kochi in Kerala:

  • Pollem beach : A totally secluded beach, only visited by local folks and the occasional tourist from across the border. This is the southernmost beach of Goa. Out here it is generally fishing and lazying on the beach that are the most desirable activities. There are two avenues to stay for the night and limited food options are available. However, on the highway which is nearby around 3 kms away there is “Fishland “restaurant which is a favorite of the locals residing in the area and is always filled to capacity. This place can be visted for a day while staying at one of the other places listed down below.


  • Galgibag beach : A beach with a lagoon , this is what the visitor comes across when he wanders here , one of my personal favorites the beach is also home to egg laying turtles that are looked after by the wildlife authorities. There are a series of shacks that serve as staying options . The only activity to be done here is go for a swim in the sea or just indulge in friendly banter with your loved ones immersed in the waters of the lagoon. One can definitely stay here for an extended weekend.

Talpona Beach. The next beach in line as we move upwards, Talpona just has the sand n surf to offer, there are limited staying options though an occasional pricey option catering to the foreign nationals is available. However, there are numerous options in the back roads and lanes leading to the beach and this beach is generally favored by foreigners.It is recommended to look for staying options here if one is looking for long term staying options as the prices are economical.


  • Palolem Beach. The current Rockstar amongst the beaches of South Goa, this crescent shaped beach has got it all  from the soft sand to the inviting warm waters to a curveous coastline studded with numerous shacks offering everything that one desires. There are also dolphin and island boat tours available. Definitely a must visit to all those who come to South Goa .Recommended for those who wish to stay for an extended weekend or a week and are not much bothered by the price range.


  • Agonda Beach. My personal favorite, the go to place as far as I am concerned. The wanderer is greeted to a mile-long stretch of paradise with the waters beckoning to come into. There is a small lagoon also where one can just immerse oneself and wash away the anxiety of this rush world. The shacks are also present but their presence is somehow not that obtrusive. The crowd is sparse and generally laid back. This beach is the stuff of legends and the sunset will blow away the frowns from the face and replace it with a calmness that is irreplaceable. Definitely recommended for those wishing to stay for a long duration considering the price range offered. There are options to stay away from the beach as well which are even more economical. There are options of moonlit parties that take place nearby.


  • Butterfly Beach.    The beach that still refuses to be tamed and contained, accessible by boat rides, it’s a virgin beach that has no human touch, visited by those who just want to immerse in oneself and nature. There are no staying or eating options available and the jungle rises immediately as the beach ends.

( Apologies  , the pics got washed away but then i hope to be there soon 🙂 )

  • Cola Beach. The recluse among the beaches, this is accessible by a trail through the jungles and as one goes down the cliff, the hidden beach comes into view. This beach has its own private lagoon too which captures the imagination of all those who visit this place. Be prepared to soak in ultra-laid back Goa if one decides to visit this place. There are two premium resorts that operate out here and they arrange 4WD drive vehicles to pick and drop guests from the airport. Generally occupied by foreigners during the tourist season.


  • Cabo De Rama Beach. Another spectacular and not so well known beach that is perfect for that private dip into the ocean and have some quality private time. The coastline is dotted with rocks that submerge with the approaching tide and then reappear as the tide moves out , it is a spectacular piece of real estate. The location of these beaches ensure that the normal touristic hordes just do not bother to visit them thereby making them unique and appealing. There is only one place to stay that I know of (Mi Amor Resturant)and it is pretty rustic but then that is what makes the experience appealing.


  • Nuem Beach The little brother of Cabo Rama, this beach is a favorite of the local folk and they make it a point to spend their evenings out here.Do visit this place if one wants to soak in the local culture and ambience with some great local beer to boot and a game of football with the local guys.


  • Cavelossium Beach. The final beach in the list, this one is located more towards the center of the state of Goa , along the coastline. The back alleys house some great places to stay and shop but thankfully the beach is still warm and inviting with not heavy crowds and hawkers to peddle their stuff.


So that’s it , this is for all those who wish to see something different other than the usual , only one more point to note all these places need a personal form of transport(whether own or hired ) and preferably a four wheeler for it is easier to then move around however a hired two wheeler will also do .. nothing wrong in it but transport is a must.


Transportation Take a four wheeler , one needs to deposit an ID
Essentials Sun screen , water , wide brimmed hat , comfortable slippers , shades for the eyes , loose comfortable clothing, wet wipes
Temp Grading Best time to travel is from morning 7 till around 11, thereafter the heat gets in.

Pass the afternoon hours in a nice beach shack reading, playing board games over some drinks.

Evening venture out once again




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