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OM, Tryambakam Yajamahe Sugandhim Pushti-vardhanam Urvarukamiva bhandhanan Mrityor mukshiya mamritat   Lord Rudra, the one who is omnipresent having no beginning and no end. The state of Uttarakhand( read here on Uttarakhand) is world renowned with a number of iconic temples dedicated to Lord Shiva with the most famous of them known as Kedarnath ( […]

Its been just over a year that I have been able to visit Goa very frequently and this has resulted in me looking at Goa from a viewpoint which now extends beyond the beaches and the beach life that it offers( Lets look  at Mandrem beach ) . The Goa away from the coastline is […]

Goa, the first reaction is beaches and blue ocean , lounging in the beach shacks with music somewhere in the background. But if we say Goa and that too in  the midst of the tropical monsoons , not many would warm up to the idea. I would say, a weekend visit to Goa in the […]

Goa, famous the world over for its golden beaches and laid back attitude attracts hordes of visitors each year both from within as well as outside India. The smallest state in India, it has a lot of things to offer other than beaches to those who visit. Renowned for its history and unique heritage, the […]

I have made a list of places that I wish to visit, its an amateur list and keeps on changing. After my visit to Ladakh last year I was thinking of a trip to South India   and then maybe later someday in the coming years I would visit Uttarakhand. But as the saying goes […]

Introduction.          Goa,India’s smallest state located in the South Western region of India is a jewel by itself, visited by large number of domestic and international tourists each year for its beaches , places of worship and architecture. On personal front  I have visited Goa a couple of times in the past , being based in […]