Sea Beach Bakkhali Travel Guide

Bakkhali travel guide is where I attempt to portray to the readers this excellent offbeat beach destination in West Bengal. Bakkhali sea beach Bengal is one of that sea beach near Kolkata representing the beauty of an underdeveloped beach destination so synonymous with numerous beaches all along the Indian subcontinent.

Bakkhali travel guide
Serenity – Bakkhali

In this Bakkhali travel guide, I attempt to put together a few vital aspects in case one wishes to visit this gem of a weekend destination from Kolkata. Bakkhali is one of those islands that jut out into the Bay of Bengal and form the Sundarbans Mangroves’ outer fringes. If you look at the map of Bengal, we will realise how Bakkhali sits right on the edge of the land as it opens up to the Bay of Bengal. The distance from Bakkhali island to Kolkata is 130 km, and NH 117 connects Kolkata to Bakkhali.


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Kolkata to Bakkhali

The initial route is slightly narrow but eventually opens out as one approaches Fraserganj. One can also take a tourist bus from Esplanade Kolkata to the Bakkhali AC bus. One can also take the train from Sealdah to Bakkhali.

Bakkhali travel guide
Captivating Fraserganj

Besides Bakkhali, one can also visit Fraserganj fishing harbour and Henry island and the bewitching beauty of the uniquely named Kargil Beach. In the earlier days, one used to use a ferry to cross the Hatania -Doania river at Namkhana Ferry point, but all that is past now with a beautiful bridge built, and one can zoom into Bakkhali while enjoying lush green fields on both sides of the National Highway.

Hatania -Doania river
Bridge on Hatania -Doania river

Key aspects of Bakkhali Travel Guide

Where to stay in Bakkhali

There is ample accommodation in Bakkhali; these have mushroomed over the years; hence one can stay right in Bakkhali hotels on the main road leading to the beach or between the fields away from the crowds is a purely personal choice. One can also stay at Sundari Complex on Henry Island, which is very offbeat. There is also a Bengal WBTDC resort and a few beach-facing bungalows in Bakkhali. The beach resorts in Bakkhali are very limited, and no one is on the beach itself; however, hotels are plentiful.

tourist spots in Bakkhali
Sunset at Bakkhali

Eating options in Bakkhali

There is no fine dining out here; one must enjoy the seafood delicacies at the various local joints. I always enter Bakkhali from the Fraserganj fishing jetty as I find the route attractive, and I get to see the harbor.

Fresh Catch

Tourist spots in Bakkhali

Bakkhali sea beach is all about doing nothing other than sitting on the plastic chairs and sipping coconut water, eating local snacks, or taking a long walk through the beach and the casuarina trees. I have mentioned the places to visit in Bakkhali and kept the list simple, for the main reason to visit Bakkhali is to spend time at the beach.

Henry Island Bakkhali
Silence on the shores of the Bay of Bengal

Henry Island beach is preferrable more than Bakkhali beach as it is relatively cleaner, more pristine, less crowded and gorgeous, to say the least, especially in the evening. I recommend visiting Kargil beach in the early morning to observe the sun and the sky’s reflection on the hard wet sand when the tide is low. Trust me; it is an out-of-the-word experience.

Bakkhali Travel Guide
Reflections in the Evenings – Bakkhali

What is my blog all about ?

My blog focuses quite a bit on the ancient history, the art of India, among other places of travel that I keep doing. In addition to travel and exploring offbeat places, I am also interested in visiting and increasing my awareness of Historical institutions and places within India.

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Bakkhali offbeat sea beach of Bengal
One needs to just slow down at Bakkhali

Weekend trip to Bakkhali travel guide

My suggestion is to reach Bakkhali by around lunch, spend the afternoon napping post a hearty lunch, and then one can visit Henry Island beach, followed by the next morning at Kargil beach. Post breakfast, Frasenganj Fishing Harbor visit to happen along with surrounding numerous rural areas. Back in time for another delicious seafood-based lunch at any of the multiple food outlets. Evening one can visit Bakkhali beach to end the visit and check out the following morning.

A game of football at Bakkhali

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  1. Wow ! Henry and Kargil was not aware of … Beautiful pics … Looking for a short break.. may be Bakkhali, Henry and Kargil can be an option !! Thanks for the blog ! Was insightful

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