Talasari Beach Odisha, explore offbeat destinations in Odisha

Odisha is fast coming into the reckoning of having some amazing beaches in India. In fact, the state also figures in the list of blue flag beaches in India. Talasari beach lies in the Baleshwar district of Odisha. Lying very close to the borders of Bengal, this beach is also a part of the Bengal beach circuit. While the famous beaches of Odisha include Puri, Gopalpur, Chandipur, Konark etc, Talasari is fast emerging as a preferred rustic beach destination in Odisha. Derived from two words Tala and Sari, the palm trees give it such a name. The word Tala also means hymn and this is reflected in the placid waters and waves coming lapping against the shore.  I travel to this secluded piece of rustic paradise as a weekend destination from Kolkata, to explore and rejuvenate myself on the idyllic Talasari Beach Odisha.

talasari beach Odisha
Talasari Beach Odisha

Talasari Beach Odisha

Odisha tourism has recognised the potential of Talasari Beach, and its location and has not started promoting this beach destination with utmost seriousness. In fact, many of the Odisha tourism packages make mention Talasari beach.  Among the multitude of Odisha tourist places, Talasari is fast making its place of prominence. Talasari beach from Kolkata is around 9 km from Digha and is a less explored and solitude seeker’s place. The clear sparkling water hitting the beach’s shores gives a very soothing feeling. The natural beauty is one of the best examples of the numerous lesser-known pristine beaches all over the Indian coastline. As the tagline of Odisha tourism proclaims, Golden beaches to dense forests, Odisha is India’s best-kept secret and Talasari Beach surely qualifies for this tagline.

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explore beaches of Odisha - Talasari
Wintry Morning at Talasari Beach

The rows of palm trees in Talasari add beauty to the beach, and the meandering Subarnarekha River accentuates the visual appeal of the beach. the dunes, red crabs, fishing hamlets, and casuarina trees all aid in making this peach indeed soothing. The red crabs at Talasari Beach do indeed provide an added attraction to this natural paradise.

explore the beaches near Kolkata - Talasari
The fisherman’s Boat – Talasari

How to reach to Talasari from Kolkata

It was a lovely Saturday afternoon as I set out for Talasari, from Kolkata. The Odisha tourism Covid guidelines have been considerably relaxed and hence interstate travel is in full swing these days. The distance of 150 km was covered in 3.5 hours with very limited breaks in between.

How to reach Talasari from Digha
Morning Dawn at Talasari

The best way to reach Talasari is to reach the town of Digha by Bus/cab or self-drive from Kolkata and then take a local cab to Talasari. Digha serves as the nodal point to reach Talasari.

Places to Stay in Talasari

My stay was booked at a property very close to the beach itself. In fact, a stone’s throw away. A gorgeous spacious balcony ensured that in the night I could hear the sea waves coming ashore. The hot meal at the end of the drive ensured that I was in great spirits to welcome the sunrise and dawn. A fact to be kept in mind is that hotels in Talasari are limited. Talasari resorts level properties are severely limited in number as well as in facilities offered. My recommendation is Sree Kanya Resorts ,Talasari ( 9614666666)

what to see in Talasari
The fishermen ready the nets for the trip to the ocean

Serenity at beaches in Odisha

The next morning saw me witnessing a gorgeous sunrise during low tide as the fish-laden boats of the fishermen who had ventured into the sea started coming back. it was an idyllic morning scene from a laid-back fishing village with the winter nip in the air. The low tide ensured that I could walk way out into the sea to explore and photograph to my heart’s content.

offbeat beaches of Odisha
Drone views at Talasari

It is visiting places like Talasari beach Odisha which do not have any bells and whistles to attract the visitor other than the pull of nature in itself which appeal to a nature enthusiast. There are no amusement rides on the beach nor are there any multitude of stalls or shacks. Rather there is seen nature and the peaceful coexistence of the locals with her. Having a short nap in the shade of the casuarina trees while hearing the waves hitting ashore does infuse a hypnotic sleep let me assure you and one wakes up feeling refreshed at the core. A short meditation session is just what one needs to get in sync with nature and one’s inner self in places like Talasari.

Evening sea beach views at Talasari
Evening sunset in Odisha

Talasari beach Odisha is one of those beaches where the land and the sea run parallel to each other as well as mingle into each other, thus one can cross from the land to the sea and then back to land again depending on the tidal condition. This is indeed fortunate for it makes the gradient of the beach quite shallow allowing for one to take a dip in the ocean quite comfortably.

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What did I do at Talasari Beach

After spending dawn exploring and soaking in the Talasari beach I was ready to indulge in some good food. If one is into seafood, there are numerous budget options. Post a good lunch I was ready to head back as the road was long and narrow back to the city of Joy – Kolkata. One can also combine a stay at Talasari beach with a stopover at Digha or even Banugran Jalpai beach. These are two more beaches which form a part of the Bengal beaches circuit. Talasari to Digha is  9 km hence, a visit to Digha is indeed a very lucrative proposition.

weekend destination near Kolkata
Dawn in Talasari

There are indeed many pristine famous beaches in India considering the fact that India has such a large coastline. From the best beaches of India to off-beat beaches in India, the list is long and very well complied with by so many others. I feel all that we as travelers need to do is run through these lists and identify gems such as Talasari Beach Odisha and do make a visit to them.

hidden beaches of Odisha
Hidden beaches of Odisha

What is my blog all about ?

My blog focuses quite a bit on the ancient history, the art of India, among other places of travel that I keep doing. In addition to travel and exploring offbeat places, I am also interested in visiting and increasing my awareness of Historical institutions and places within India.

As Talasari can be looked as a weekend destination from Kolkata, I am listing down few other weekend destinations as well such as Taveldreams visit to Bakkhali , the secluded elegance of Baguran Jalpai or the wintry delights of travel to Baranti region in Purulia. As regards to Odisha as a hub of tourist destination I would recommend a travel journey to Deomali Peak, the highest point in Odisha. Speaking of beaches , if one is interested in jotting down the beaches of South Goa on the West Coast of India , this compilation of South Goan beaches would be very helpful.

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  1. Stunning pics Sumit! We were in Odisha just last summer (to visit Puri Jagannath and Konark), and went to a couple of beaches in between the two (one was past the lighthouse in Puri and really quieter than other beaches/and another Chandrabagha beach – both were really beautiful)..
    Our driver also took us to a local Devi temple on the way between these places.. so very unique and wonderful

  2. Looks impressive! I love water and boats are weakness in a good sense. I would absolutely enjoy it there. Thanks for posting, now I have desire to travel and a new destination

  3. (thought I had already commented on this one. anyway, here is a comment in case I am mistaken)..
    Talasari is stunning.. and I hope to visit more of Odisha some day in the future (so much to explore there)

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