My days in March 2020

The Present …

How are my days in March 2020 as the spring comes knocking in to my life. Social Distancing, Lock down, Quarantine. Till about a month ago few of these terms used to be heard in Hollywood movies. Today they are an integral part of the social fabric of the entire world, covering at least 80% of the countries around the globe.

Memory Lane ….

I was born in a small town tucked away in the mountainous region of Eastern Ghats of India. In my childhood, I was fascinated by the remnants of the black faded paper-like material on the window glass panes. My father mentioned to me that these were the relics of the 1971 war when black paper was used to cover the window panes to avoid detection of the colonies at night during air raids by enemy aircraft and a curfew during day time used to be the norm of the day. How exciting the whole thing sounded to me then.

My days in March 2020….

Fast forward to the present day, and here I am sitting cooped up in my pad looking out of the window as the sun makes its journey across the earth and my frame of view. Today is Day 3 of the 21-day Lock down which the Indian Subcontinent has entered into.

Some interesting reads from my journey which started 07 years back

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Lounging on a canoe in Kerala

Social interactions over the various platforms ensure that each of us is well aware of the happenings all across the globe so yea we are all connected yet isolated.

For many of us who are used to mindnumbing work schedules and the everyday fast-paced life of office and after office hours, this sudden stop is staring in the face everyday morning when we wake up, during the lunch hour and as the evening dusk falls. While some are syncing themselves into this new normal for the next 21 days some are a bit worried, a bit irritated at the turn of events and generally unsettled.

While there is nothing much that can be done other than to endure what is coming and that which  is presently happening, I thought of sharing thoughts  concerning myself for the upcoming days.

Foreseeable future as my days in March-April 2020 Pan out …

Well, I have decided to set myself small goals to achieve; primarily revolving in the area of  hobbies and interests that draw my attention.This helps me to get an exhilarating sense of achievement and finding a focus target to home onto.

This is my aspire list for the next 21 days

Learn Adobe CC 2018 which i have been meaning to since long.

Learn Lens ball & creative photography which i feel i should progress ahead now.

Put pen to paper and plan for some trips that I would like to do shortly.

Learn a bit more about the culture and tradition of the state in which I am presently living.

Work on my physical fitness, and this includes workouts for my tummy and knee, which are my present weak points.

Do not give into Binge eating or binge-watching streaming channels. These are amazingly destructive. However, I do want to watch some state language movies to broaden my interests.

Keep my schedule as it was with no significant change to sleeping schedules. I still get up early to see the dawn breaking each day.

Listen to new music and search new artists to listen to thereby expanding my music tastes.

Read some new books.

Clean my pad and undertake a DETOX of my belongings.

Give a call to that someone whom you have not spoken to all these days because of the crazy work schedules and moody phases of LIFE.

Streamline all the DATA that one has collected and stored in the Desktops/Laptops/Storage devices.

Streamline all the official and essential documents lying somewhere around.

Speak to those who are irritated, uneasy and try to sync them in.

I would like to speak the following reflections of mine for my readers which are YOU and in case this HELPS you , i would be glad ….

  • Accept the situation and realise that we have very little control on this .
  • Dont be angry or annoyed at the system.
  • Try to limit media news.
  • Choose on what you would like to spend your energy on.
  • Appreciate this enforced downtime , it will not come again.
  • Appreciate the little things like Sun shining through the window, flowers blossoming in the small garden and the slow pace .
  • Follow the rules and remember there is LIGHT at the end of the Tunnel.

At the end I would say, let’s do our part for the country and at the same let’s not forget to look after ourselves both physically and emotionally in this so unique a situation. Remember “THIS SHALL ALSO PASS”, and when it does, we should come out all cylinders firing.

Oh yea, in case you want us to talk just ping me in this post. Take Care of yourself in these times …

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14 Replies to “My days in March 2020”

  1. This is quite a post at the time when thoughts are pretty much aligned n emotional quotient too . All we got to do is to realign ourselves into deeper aspect of our lives by doing ourselves a small favour that if universe has given us the opportunity , then let’s make the best use of it as u rightly said this downtime may not come again.

  2. The is by far the most positive and exhilarating words I have heard in this difficult situation. This is definitely going to lift people’s moral and help them in coping up with this distancing from others and think positively towards life ✌️✌️

  3. It’s like a reflection of your days in the quarantine. Very simply written. It’s like talking to you in person 🙂
    Inspirational too for the lesser mortals like us 🙂

  4. Loved it Sumit ! A really good list of things to do. I got inspired. Yes, we should utilize this time well. It’s a lot of time. My favourite was getting in touch with those people with whom you can’t give time because of the busy schedule.

    Keep blogging. Will look forward for your next post.

  5. I belong to that part of the crowd who was too busy dealing with the hectic day to day monotonous life, and suddenly this came up… A complete isolation for the next 21 days… Completely blind,confused and irritated about what to be done next… And then I came across this post which literally helped me to cope up with this situation mentally and physically both… It gave me a pretty good direction about what should be done for the next remaining 18 days… This person is not only an avid photographer, traveller and blogger but he is a great motivator and influencer too… So if anyone out there is lost and confused just like me should definitely go through his blog and help oneself to clear out their mind.

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