Kolkata Metro rail corridor – A Photo-Essay

This post speaks about the Kolkata Metro rail corridor also known as Kolkata Metro East-West Corridor. However, believe it or not, this is my first metro ride in my life. The post is in a story format for ease of viewing.

Kolkata has become my present home for the past few months. Therefore the city has definitely invoked interest in me to explore and sample experiences from a wide and varied genre.

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During my childhood, Doordarshan used to be the primary channel of entertainment and communication. Everyday evening before the national news, there used to play the track known as “Mile Sur Tumhara” which showcased the diversity as well as the unity of our country. In that West Bengal used to be depicted by the Metro of Kolkata. So in this way, the entire country used to relate with West Bengal; by the Ganges and Kolkata Metro rail

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Introduction to Kolkata Metro

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First put into operational service in the year 1984, the second corridor of Kolkata Metro rail has come into operation after 36 years in Feb 2020. The existing metro has been serving the city of Kolkata for so many decades and is quite prone to technical faults considering the fact that age that has caught up with most of the technical components. But then that is another topic in itself. I will restrict myself to the current topic i.e. Kolkata Metro rail Corridor.

The plan of extending the current Kolkata Metro rail corridor network was first proposed decades back and has been in progress slowly yet steadily.

Present Scenario of Kolkata Metro rail corridor

Currently, the section operationalised covers a distance of 5.0 km starting from Salt Lake Sector V to Salt Stadium. Though presently the entire corridor is yet to become operational, however, a 5 km section has opened up for public use. I used the opportunity to satiate my desire to travel in a metro. So do see the upcoming visuals which depict the theme of the post-Kolkata Metro rail corridor – A Photo-Essay

What is New on the Kolkata East-West Corridor !!!

  • Advanced AC Racks.
  • Screen doors installed at all stations to prevent accidental falling of people onto the track.
  • CCTV surveillance.
  • Ergonomically designed lifts and escalators with emergency telephones.
  • The coaches have a much improved public announcement system in addition to large windows to ensure natural lighting within.
  • The use of natural lighting in the stations deserves a special mention.

In the pipeline on the Kolkata Metro rail corridor…

  • The country’s first underwater tunnel will run on this section. This is something that i would love to see and experience.
  • Phoolbagan, Sealdah, Esplanade, Mahakaran, Maidan will have underground stops.
  • by 2022 this sector will be fully operational.

My thoughts on the Kolkata Metro rail corridor

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  • This facility needs to be used in its nascent stage to put the system to its envisaged use.
  • All users need to maintain the hygiene as well look after the various gadgets and facilities that have got installed.
  • Parking slots need have to get identified as presently there is no parking facility available which is likely to become a significant bottleneck.
  • Likewise, taxi/auto-rickshaw stands too need to get earmarked which are presently not there.
  • The present timing of 8 AM to 8 PM needs to be extended immediately to cater for the evening requirements of people.
  • Amenities comprising water dispensers, ATMs, Seating benches and charging points are to be deliberated for installation.
  • WIFI connectivity to be established.

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If you are enjoying this collection. Would like to keep it close to you, just save THIS PIN to your pinterest board related to  India.

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