On Keeping myself positive and focused during the pandemic

It was the end of March 2020 when my active Life came to an abrupt halt. Corona Pandemic hit my country, and subsequently, the countrywide lockdown was imposed. Days started to roll with being locked up inside my place with a new sequence of daily schedule to be done(Read here on my thoughts during March 2020). As the initial panic and disbelief settled in, it became increasingly important that something had to be done to come out of this enforced isolation stronger and more accomplished. This post is on how I kept myself positive and focused by positive self-talk affirmations. Thus could keep myself engaged channelising my energies to being productive.

Positive Self Talk Affirmations

Our ability to maintain a positive outlook determines how emotional quotient flows in our lives. I realised that the words  I used to describe how I was feeling and what was happening to me based on the external events had a direct correlation with my emotional state of mind. Hence I almost forced myself to begin positive self-talk affirmations to create an aura of healthy uplifting outlook. Read here an interesting article i happened to glance through.

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I did ponder on what is positive affirmation, and how does it relate to my current situation?

As I googled the phrase Positive self-talk affirmation, I came across a variety of quotes on the same. Browsing through them and eventually modifying to suit my requirement, I can merely state the following.  Positive phrases or statements which  used to act as a counter to negative and unhelpful thoughts and using this one on oneself is called positive self-talk affirmation.

Keeping myself positive and focused during the ongoing pandemic
Throwback pic to one of the earliest treks of mine in the Himalayan Region.Treks are a major source of inner inspirations to me

My approach to using positive self-talk affirmation during the past 60 days

Initially, I found it a bit weird. I did not share about this thought process as I felt that this would be termed as being insensitive to the happenings all around us. There was misery and negativity wherever one looked.

However, as the weeks passed, I realised how much of a positive impact these had on my mindset. I was still affected a lot by the happenings and external factors which crowded on me, but I was able to deal with them fortified and better prepared.

Self-affirmation, for me is the concept of speaking to myself internally within my thoughts of the values and interests that form and affect my inner core. How I channelised them to envelope me and made them take care of my thoughts and emotional index. My thoughts are not spoken aloud, but then I guess thoughts are always aloud to the inner conscious.

 How did the entire exercise of using self-talk affirmation pan out?

I used positive self-affirmation to keep the focus up and make use of the time to learn and do activities that would be a positive impact on myself. So what all could I accomplish int these 60 days of the pandemic. Read here what i happened to come across in Medium.

Learn Adobe CC 2020. This was something which I had meant to for some years now, yea for past two years. I am yet to become skilful in this, but  I can say with satisfaction that I am quite conversant in it now and it is an excellent source of inspiration and pleasure for me.

Learn Lens ball techniques and creative photography.  I undertook online courses for both of these and spent quite some time practising the same within the confines of my place till such time that both genres of photography are an additional skill set for me.

Keeping myself positive and focused during the ongoing pandemic
Waiting to use this beauty in the field

Put pen to paper and plan itineraries for trips which I would undertake someday. I have been to Ladakh thrice with two occasions being mammoth road trips. However, there are still places which I wish to see and expand on my aspiration of being more in sync with nature and experimenting with open road camping. So I opened large scale maps of Ladakh region to jot down new unexplored destinations, passes and lakes which I wish to frame with my lenses. Read Here few thoughts when i had met with a trek injury.

Keeping myself positive and focused during the ongoing pandemic

Work on physical fitness. This has been sketchy, but I have been trying. The objective was to develop strength in the stomach muscles and reduce the flab. So I have been continually pushing myself to increase the sets of situps and pushups (fundamental concepts) The help of the Garmin Connect App was a booster to keep at it and record the changes that happened.

Avoid Binge watching of Netflix and Amazon Prime.  I was substantially successful in this, thanks to being positive and having a series of tasks to do. Having said this, I did watch a few regional language movies to gain a better sense of the multiple languages that India possesses.

Continuation of my activities..

Many of the above activities were tedious while they were in process. By not allowing my thoughts to wander and overthink on the events unfolding. Keeping the concept of self affirmation paramount i did manage to keep the focus ON and i think this helped me a lot .

Maintain my schedule to be simple and normal.   I avoided changes in my sleep cycle and continued the practice of being an early riser. This helped me to witness gorgeous dawns and sunrises filling my heart with hope and joy at start of day.

Keeping myself positive and focused during the ongoing pandemic
About sunrise & Hope

Creativity and technical strengthening of my blog. I utilised time to read up on technical aspects which are essential to have a growth on my blog. This could not have been done had I been perturbed, restless and uneasy owing to happenings all around me.

Social media tool Pinterest.  Pinterest has been another positive story for me. I started from scratch on this social media tool. Have been able to study and understand how this tool is used beneficially.

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Benefits of Self-talk Affirmations

As thoughts play a big part in the overall pattern of our outlook to Life. It is essential to find ways to improve our mindset. If we don’t, we find ourselves in negative thought patterns which make us angry, critical of everything around us, thereby holding us back.

I  chose to use self-talk affirmation to motivate myself, encourage positive changes throughout the day. The social media broadcasted stories and inflammatory experiences of negativity and misery whenever I accessed them. This methodology helped me in countering the negative self-thoughts that would emerge within my subconscious pattern on account of these stories.

Keeping myself positive and focused during the ongoing pandemic
On the Zanskar Trek – Himalaya


I would like to sum-up by stating that I have been able to keep the listlessness, negative energy at bay. This is by reminding myself of what I hold worthwhile to value.  I end my post here, do share your comments and experiences in the comment section. Would love to connect up with each one of you.

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50 Replies to “On Keeping myself positive and focused during the pandemic”

  1. A positive attitude is always required to cope up with anything that life throws at you.
    You have always been inspiring and encouraging others and this can never be achieved without being Self Motivated.
    And this write up of yours continues to do so 🙂

  2. Positive affirmations is indeed a catch phrase one should look upto.. Looking at my successful application I can deeply ponder on the well read deeper thoughts which made me realise on the thought process I run, gave me perspective to real time problems and how to deal with it. Indeed a motivational post which is spiced by inspirational self realisation .

  3. Hi Sumit

    One endearing reading. The write up inspires an outlook towards the mother nature and it’s children in a different enigmatic light. There is so much to do and explore in this single life and you provide that positivity through this write up. Thank you for showing the journey of your travel through your lenses and giving a learning experience through the different prospective of your life….

  4. This is a truly inspiring blog post. I also find positive self-talk essential for coping with hard times like this. Thanks for sharing your experience this way.

  5. Yes, it is very important to be positive at these times. I am finding it difficult to cope up sometimes. But I have been trying to stay positive. I am also planning my future travels, even though I do not know when I can execute them. I do know that this too shall pass soon and we will all get back to where we were.

  6. So interesting! I’ve never really thought about purposely talking to myself, but I guess it’s something we do anyway – we just may not be mindful of it. It’s a great way to think positively if you are being intentional. Such a great idea!

    1. Hi Jennifer
      glad that you found the post useful. Indeed we talk to ourselves all the time , just we dont recognise the same .

  7. What a positive and contructive write up. You have left no space for any pessimistic thoughts to come in with well planned activities and utilised your days of lockdown to uplift your skills. You have become double productive where we are losing our hold. You already have motivated us at the starting of this lockdown period with your blog ‘My days in March 2020’ and this one is an add on to keep continuing with affirmation. You have always been very motivational and a great source of inspiration with your own experimental stories.

  8. In times like these its imperative to maintain a positive and an optimistic mindset. And positive affirmations are indeed the way to do so. While you have taken up courses, and upped your skill, i find myself, making the most of this time by doing what I am good at and improving on that, rather than opting for courses or anything. I somehow, dont have that bandwidth to learn something new right now, but improving on the existing skills, yes, and believe you me, that indeed is keeping me sane, and my mind occupied.

  9. A positive attitude helps you cope more easily with the daily affairs of life. It brings optimism into your life, and makes it easier to avoid worries and negative thinking. If you adopt it as a way of life, it would bring constructive changes into your life, and makes them happier, brighter and more successful.

  10. Hey there! No matter what things you do as long as it’s keeping you sane and positive amidst this pandemic it’s totally fine. Thanks for sharing everything in mind. Guess a lot of people will be influenced on how to cope during these times.

  11. What a beautiful way to stay positive during these times. It can be hard but there is always a rainbow at the end of this!

  12. This is a very informative. I would try the self talk to hone my sanity. Hahaha.

  13. Positive affirmations like anything else require regular practice. Thats if f you really want to make lasting, long-term changes to the ways that you think and feel. But like everything, pratice makes perfect. It is important not to give up believing in youself. 🙂

  14. positive thinking and affirmations will get you a long way, especially during this time

  15. Self talk affirmations really work and I can seriously relate! The have worked for me.

  16. The pandemic has really reshaped the world and our activities as humans. So many people didn’t adapt well to this change but thankfully I have my family by my side and they helped me throughout. Nice write-up

  17. I find self-talk affirmation to be helpful. Everyday when I wake up I always give myself a pep talk. I know it sounds weird (I don’t care what others think lmao). It keeps me positive throughout the day.

  18. I haven’t count the days anymore and just enjoy what I do at home. Gardening and diy-ing makes me busy, including writing for my blog.

    1. hi
      Diy-ing is such a great concept and activity , would love to know more about the projects that you undertaking

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