Kolkata, a city that is thriving & vibrant in itself producing events such as KALFEST 2020, a concept by ART RICKSHAW amongst other notable initiatives . Churning out metaphors and connections for those who dwell here. Do read my rendition of Amaar Kolkata…. as i look at this city from the eyes of a novice.

Known as the cultural capital of India, Kolkata has a long history of literary, artistic and architectural tradition. There is something for everyone to stimulate their senses within. I have been motivated to visit these events happening across the city, especially now that the winters are here.

While I am a total novice when it comes to attending art fairs or events, the quirky name of the art fest which took place on 12 Jan 2020 titled “KALFEST 2020 by Art Rickshaw ” caught my attention and interest. There should always be an endeavor to expand the interest horizon is what i believe in and hence the post out here. Do read on the Bidhanngar fair that i had recently visited

About Art Rickshaw and its mission

A quick search on the internet revealed that Art Rickshaw organised this event. Art Rickshaw is an art school cum gallery founded within the city. Its mission to provide an outlet avenue to growing artists as well as to make art accessible, understandable and popular among the masses. 

The gallery also conducts coaching classes and workshops. I did browse the same to see if something unusual catches my eye.

KALFEST 2020 , whats in it

Coming to the post, the event was organised in Hindustan park utilising the novel concept of using the main street where the gallery is located as the venue.

KALFEST2020, as was the theme of this year’s fest, saw various artists and creative individuals showcase and bond with like-minded enthusiasts and curious visitors like me over an amalgamation of art workshops, curio stalls as well as live interactive sessions and musical concerts. 

Inside KALFEST2020

There were interactive art installations like this unique stall which showcased the unusual and often very personal curios that each one of us carries in our wallet.

We then had live model painting, music sessions, spray art, pottery classes, colour compositions for children. Even a writing wall which encouraged the visitors to write down their thoughts coursing through them.

I was fortunate to have witnessed an impressive play performance by the Indian Mime Theatre followed by a scintillating hip hop performance by MTB ENT.

The Art Installations comprised of exciting features like ‘secret Booth ‘ by Kolkata Gully, House of Stamps. A letter of Hope as well as Emotions & Stories, portraying our fundamental emotions.

In the Live Art corner, I witnessed Urdu calligraphy by artisans from Chitpur, which was quite eye-catching and rare.

The F&B corner comprised of exotic eats, street Chai outlets among various other delicacies drawing huge crowds in the winter afternoon and evening.

Please take a look at the photo-log attached. I am sure you too would feel inclined to be a part of this unique day-long event next every year.

All in all, it was a few hours spent quite productively and stimulating one’s interest in art. Definitely bookmarked for a revisit the following year in 2021.

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