Exploring the delights of Bidhannagar Fair Kolkata

So, three weeks into my stay in Kolkata and I got the opportunity to visit a fair. Now the point to be noted is that I have not been to any fair since a long time; hence this option of attending one sounded quite tempting. This post speaks about Bidhannagar Fair Kolkata for a first-time visitor. Read about my initial thoughts of Kolkata here

I came to realise that Bidhannagar Fair Kolkata is regarded as one of the best fairs to happen in this region. With an excess of 500 stalls spread out over quite an expansive area, the show caters to almost every taste and genre.

Exploring Bidhannagar Fair Kolkata

Last evening I found myself at one of the multiple gates on the fairgrounds. There are numerous gates for entry as well as an exit in addition to emergency exits as well. Parking is also reasonably available hence not much of a bother for me in this aspect.

The fair is subdivided into specific categories, and the significant crowd-pullers are written down below:-

Carvings and artefacts from artists spread around the country including Rajasthan, Kashmir, Lucknow and even Bangladesh. Also from rural ethnic sectors like Purulia, Madhuban and a few more.

The garments section wherein there is a plethora of options to choose from centering around products from Kashmir, Lucknow, Rajasthan, West Bengal. There is ethnic as well as western options available.

I also saw stalls catering to lamps and related accessories, artefacts and home décor items from places and regions like Moradabadi, Instanbul and even beyond.

The numerous eateries which cater to a quick bite or for an elaborate dinner vie to catch the visitors attention. Winter does make this one of the major crowd pullers

There is also an amusement park for children infusing a sense of gaiety and happiness to the entire atmosphere at the fair.

There is a spacious concert area which caters to performances from various artists who are invited to participate and showcase their talents. Ample seating space for people ensures joyous proceedings.

Numerous small stores catering to trinkets and accessories that are so loved by women are yet another major crowd-puller with heavy demands across all of these stores.

I saw flower vases, Turkish showpieces, furniture décor, crockery for home, paper crafts and even regional delicacies from the areas nestled Kolkata for one to take home and savour in the days ahead.

All the above presented a vibrant and engaging atmosphere for the visitor. As for me, it was indeed a funfilled one hour that I explored the fair. For those who wish to look around and shop, i would say 3-4 hours would be a reasonable amount of time.

Looking forward to some more fairs coming up this winter in order to stimulate the boyish enthusiasm in me . Will keep you all posted.

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Useful Facts

Venue Karunamoyee Mela Ground, Sector III , Salt Lake
Timings 10 am – 10 pm , till 09 Jan 2020. Free Entry
Parking Available. Karunamoyee metro station is walking distance
Camera Is allowed

4 Replies to “Exploring the delights of Bidhannagar Fair Kolkata”

  1. This fair has always been close to my heart as I had been visiting the same each year for all the fun frolic and gaiety . Infact, you brought out the spirit so well through ur words . I loved the Lenseball photography you tried out there ..

    Yes Kolkata is indeed a melting pot of culture and enthusiasm.

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