10 vibrant themed visuals to inspire a visit to the beaches of Gokarna, the alternate to Goa

The small temple town on the west coast by the shores of the Arabian Sea lying off the grid, Gokarna is where time slows down even now here and there. This place is steeped in religion and of course speaks of some amazing beaches, if one is looking to be away from the maddening crowd found in Goa ( Lets discover the magic of beaches of South Goa this summer, )then this is the place to be, the alternate fulfilling destination. This article is all about the beaches and the top two are: Om beach and Kudle beach.  Happiness is seen in the form of hearing the crash of the waves and in the blanket of a million stars in the sky during the night while the beach shacks play out some soulful track way in the distance.

So in case you have a weekend to spare and are done with your fill of Goa, it’s time to look at Gokarna and discover the simplicity of Ganga Café or  Om Café with the sand between ur toes 🙂

Here are my 10 alternate vibrant themed  visuals to inspire a weekend to Gokarna to soak in the beach culture.


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38 Replies to “10 vibrant themed visuals to inspire a visit to the beaches of Gokarna, the alternate to Goa”

  1. Beautiful photographs and I love the way you have captured the sunset and water flow. Can you share the technique used ?

    1. hi , thx tht u liked .. i used long exposure to capture the water flow … iso 100 , aperture 7 , shutter speed 1-5sec , use a 10 stop filter … hope this helps

  2. Wow..I have been making my own plans to visit Gokarna from so long. But because there is no directly connectivity from my home town, I have been putting it off. But now your pictures have inspired me even more to do the trip there as soon as possible. Stunning pictures, really

  3. Wow, I never saw stunning beach photos like these before. Did you use long exposure for these? I bet more and more people shall visit Gokarna when they see these lovely pics. The beach, the rock formations, and the waves.. all stunnign and beautiful.

  4. I’m on a beach in the Philippines while reading your article.
    Goa’s beaches are really admirable but what I love about your post are your photos. Would love to learn how to capture those dramatic shots.

    1. i use long exposure and filters to find a flowing moment and also like to have a subject in the frame .

      glad u liked the visuals


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