Travel guide to Murudeswara Temple Karnataka

Murudeswara Temple Karnataka

Karnataka, a state which has a diverse set of attractions for the traveller. Home to the Western Ghats which are abundant in lush green forests and natural beauty. Be it temples, architecture, beaches, waterfalls, adventure or meaningful cities Karnataka has it all ( click on the highlights to see respective posts ). This post I will be detailing Murudeswara Temple Karnataka and historical Shiva temple, located in the coastal town on Murudeswara.

There are five specific Shiva Temples in Karnataka known as Pancha Kshetras of Lord Shiva. Murudeswara Temple Karnataka is one of them while Gokarna Is another. The temple of Lord Shiva is constructed on the Kanduka Hill surrounded on three sides by the Arabian Sea. But let’s systematically begin the blog before I describe the temple. CLICK HERE for photostories if Blogs are not your thing.

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Murudeswara is a scenic temple town on the western coast of India in the Bhatkal Taluk division. The town is well connected by buses as well is also a part of the Konkan railway. Goa is 220 km while Bangalore is 550 km away by road. Quaint Murudueswara located on the fringes of the Western Ghats has been chosen to be one of the famous pilgrimage sites for Lord Shiva devotees.

There is nothing spectacular about the town other than the famous Murudeswara Temple Karnataka and of course the Murudeswara Beach. One of the broadest beachfront that I have ever seen, it is a delight for many a beach fanatic.

Lord Shiva Sculpture, Murudeswara

This is the prime reason why people visit this town. To stand and gaze in wonder on the Shiva sculpture, built on the Kanduka Hill surrounded by the Arabian Sea on three sides. The temple which is separate from the idol of Lord Shiva also has a 20 stories gopura constructed. Those who opt to travel to the 18th floor of the gopuram using life provided are treated to the magnificent spectacle of the 123 feet Shiva idol standing majestic against the backdrop of the Arabian Sea.

It is said that the sunlight falls on the statue and sparkles as the dawn breaks over the Arabian Sea. Truly a magnificent spectacle to see and absorb. The status of Lord Shiva is visible from a great distance. It is the second tallest Shiva statue in the world.

  • Murudeswara Temple Karnataka
    Lord Rudra
  • Murudeswara Temple Karnataka
    Imposing 123 feet Lord Shiva
  • Murudeswara Temple Karnataka
    Sculptures at Murudeswara
  • Murudeswara Temple Karnataka
    Main Gopuram

Murudeswara Temple Karnataka

The main temple houses the main deity known as Mridesa Linga, and it is two feet below the ground level. The inner temple sanctum is lit by oil lamps held by priests. There is no electric supply inside the inner sanctum, it is all in the traditional way.

Besides, there are other gods too whose shrines are present inside the temple complex prime among these being Lord Ganesh ( the black idol is mesmerising), Lord Anjaneya and the Navagrahas which are said to impart peace and prosperity.

I would recommend participation in the central prayers, which are known as Mangala Aarti ( is conducted twice a day, early morning as well as late evening ) for a sublime experience.

Murudeswara Beach

The beach out here is also something that can be visited. I would recommend an early morning or evening visit. However, it is not as enticing as the beaches of Gokarna or Goa, but the natural beauty and views are worth seeing.

I can not recollect any other detail which might be useful for visiting Murudeswara. In case you wish to read about Karnataka , click here.

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  • Stay Options : I stayed at a property called Dhenu Athithya. It had car parking as well as restaurant facilities( only Vegetarian ) and clean rooms.
  • Where to Eat. There are numerous small eateries all over the main road of the town. Do not expect any fine dining or fancy options.
  • What to see nearby. Visit Marvanthe beach and the temple town of Udupi .
  • Transportation. If you are relying on state transports , there is sufficient bus connectivity to all nearby places. Absolutely no issues

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