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10 vibrant themed visuals to inspire a visit to the beaches of Gokarna, the alternate to Goa

The small temple town on the west coast by the shores of the Arabian Sea lying off the grid, Gokarna is where time slows down even now here and there. This place is steeped in religion and of course speaks of some amazing beaches, if one is looking to be away from the maddening crowd

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In case you decide to visit “Hidden Benaras ” – Guptkashi

It was the early winters of 2015 when I first laid my eyes on the holy temple town of Guptkashi, when I first heard the name Guptkashi, I was confused on many occasions as to where was this place and why was it named so intermixing it with Uttarkashi. Since 2015 I have visited this

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My tale on Quest through the Garhwal Himalaya – Nandikund beckons

The concluding part to the destination known as Nandikund , a long & hard path indeed … Launtri Khark – Sujaal Sarovaar and back The next morning the weather was crystal clear and the objective was to visit sujaal sarovaar about which I had read about but not seen any images. My guide was confident

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