Waterfalls in Western Ghats ( serie 4)

Western Ghats, The Sahyadri; call it as you desire but one of the most iconic and historical mountain range of Indian Subcontinent, diverse in its biological flora and fauna running along the west coast of India, it is a mind boggling feat of nature and for nature lovers it offers a passage back in time to how nature is supposed to be in all her grandeur.

As i move to the fourth article in this series I would be taking the reader to one of the top waterfalls in terms of beauty in the Western Ghats, hidden in the mountains near to a nondescript village known as Kigga.

Sirimane falls, small in size when compared to the other falls in the region but makes an impression because of its beauty. It is a single tier, 40 feet fall and it is save to even venture to the base of the fall in times other than the monsoons.

sirimane falls 1-1

I did not have much knowledge of this place and had in fact set out to visit Hanumangundi falls deep in the Kudremukh National park but owing to heavy rainfall , the falls were closed to visitors . Faced with this predicament, I decided to search for falls nearby and hence came across Sirimane falls and to tell the truth the fall did not disappoint me.

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Legend speaks about a tale wherein a thousand years ago, the villagers who lived around the fall used to pray to the fall for trinkets and jewelry required for wedding events and other related rituals. The same used to be found lying near the fall miraculously but had to be returned once the ritual was completed. On one occasion a village person overcome by greed did not return the jewelry and from that day onwards the availability of further jewelry ceased for everyone and same continues till day.

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 The fall is located about 300 kms from Bangalore and 100 kms from Udupi. Well connected by road, the approach to the fall is fairly well defined. There is also a parking lot and one odd tea shop to cater to basic requirements. It would be ideal to club the fall with a visit to Sringeri, Agumbe, Kigga village (to see the ancient Rishashringa temple dedicated to Lord Rudra).

Best time to visit : End August.

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