My review of the Rexing V1 Dashcam for vehicles

I generally drive my vehicle a lot and this includes substantial highway driving at all hours of the day or night. When we are on the road one of the critical aspects is Safety and in this the interaction with fellow drivers on the road assumes vital significance. There is a important requirement to have a replay of the events that led to an incident while on the road in order to actually ascertain the facts.

A simple way for ensuring this is the provision of fitment of a dashcam, for long I thought about doing some research and getting myself one but kept delaying this. Eventually I figured that it is time to pick one up and accordingly went through the various models available in the open domain.

The final product that I picked up was the REXING V1 DASH CAM   and have been using this for close to a week now and these are my views on the same.


The features that immediately figure on the list are

  1. Ergonomic design and subtle presence: The design is a pleasure to see and very much in sync with the vehicle interiors
  2. Recording at 1080HD: the recording at HD benchmark makes the quality top notch
  3. Wide angle lens reaching almost 170 deg this wide angle ensures that there is hardly anything that gets missed out. The LCD screen is 2.4”
  4. High dynamic range for effective recoding in night time: the high dynamic range ensures that the recording is able t be done with high clarity at night time
  5. Supports memory card up to 128 gb
  6. Sensors: the V1 Rexing comes with a powerful Sony Exmor sensor that produces quality footage and is also inbuilt with a G-sensor which detects Collison and automatically locks the footage of what happened.
  7. Loop Recording: the looping feature enables the camera to record continuously even when the memory card fills up and the camera then overwrites the oldest video.
  8. Battery: The Rexing V1 dash came comes with a 320 Mah Li-ion battery which is said to work for four hours continuously. I haven’t seen this because I have been using the dash cam while it is plugged into the car power all the while


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What can bother the users

  1. The dash cam does not come with any suction cup holder, this needs to be procured separately Rexing supplies a sticky mount which it claims will be sufficient to hold the dash cam in place
  2. The cost of it is on the higher side
  3. Ease of availability

My thoughts on the product

  1. Simple and easy to use
  2. The buttons and various attachments are sturdy, long lasting and designed for convenience
  3. The design and subtle presence when fitted on the windshield is highly appreciable
  4. I have assigned the feature that the cam powers down 30 sec after the engine ignition is switched OFF which is find as a cool feature.
  5. In the photo capturing mode, one can set the Colour, ISO, Exposure, Sharpness , Quality etc thereby allowing the user greater control on the image
  6. There is the option of date and time as well as screen saver settings.
  7. GPS enabled.
  8. Plate number enabled, which enables the user vehicle number to be stamped on the video.


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So, do I recommend the use of this product

Absolutely yes, I am delighted with its functioning and compatibility, a pleasure to have this gadget in my vehicle.



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4 Replies to “My review of the Rexing V1 Dashcam for vehicles”

  1. That’s some fancy looking dash cam you got there. One look at it and I knew it’s expensive. I have never seen anything like it. I’m not familiar with dash cam features but I don’t think I’ve seen anything here with GPS. So this dashcam is definitely fancy. I don’t have a car so I don’t know why I read this, but who knows! Maybe I will have a car soon and when I do I might go find this particular model.

  2. That’s a super cool dash cam I see. Honestly I wasn’t aware that it’s called a dash cam. Now I know. Well it seems to be pretty useful and has actually gone well with the interiors. Thanks for the share.

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