My preliminary thoughts on the Alps Mountaineering (Chaos II )-2 Man Tent

Sometimes one picks up an activity out of curiosity and pretty soon it dawns that this activity engrosses you to such an extent that it becomes an integral part of the life. Hiking/Trekking is one such activity that has happened to me, though I picked it up quite late yet am drawn to it in a strong way.

Trekking is a activity that involves a lot of aspects such as physical fitness, mental tenacity, technical gear & accessories. Now building up the correct kind of technical gear & accessories is a time consuming process which involves substantial effort, time and not to mention money. It is very important to purchase the right kind of equipment and clothing. In this article I would be speaking my preliminary assessment of the Alps Mountaineering –Chaos II model tent that was recently acquired by me. I have not had the chance to test it yet but would be speaking about my first impressions and features in this article. When I test it would then add the findings of the same as an update.

tent 3
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Firstly, the Specs
Warranty                          Lifetime
Freestanding                    Yes
No of people                     2
Interior height                41 inches
Packed weight                 2.26 kg
Grading                            Season   3
Material                           Polyester taffeta, 3000 mm urethane coasting & PU coating with                                                waterproofing capability
Vestibule area                 Yes ( two )
Poles                                 7000 series aluminum

Trekking is a very demanding activity and so the tent has to be of a high quality and the Alps Mountaineering have a rich history of appreciating quality and the same is reflected in all their products. The quality of the shelter determines the quality of the experience to a great extent. This is the reason why the top grade mountaineering equipment is to be sourced always; the tent one uses should be waterproof, good ventilation access, provide enough room for storage of the backpacking items and should be portable for carrying along.

The Alps Mountaineering Chaos II has a low aerodynamic design as can be seen in the pics that allows it to withstand strong winds and rain easily. It has a waterproof polyester taffeta material that comes into play in case of a heavy downpour. There are extra guy lines provided so that the whole tent structure can be kept stable in strong winds. The floor has a 3000 mm waterproof coating which I think should stand me in good stead against the rain water and moisture coming from the ground though I do intend to use a ground sheet with the tent (* 3000 mm refers to fabric being capable of withstanding 3000 mm of water above it before it starts leaking)

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The interiors is quite roomy and i am particularly pleased with the space that is available . I have been in the regular Quechua models available with most tour/trek operators which are sourced from Decathalon and Chaos II outclasses it to a major extent . There is a feeling of roominess coupled with the mesh inner cubicle which is not seen in any model that is seen on the shelf of stores in India.

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The tent is designated as a “ three season” tent and I am not sure how would it perform in the high altitude regions of Uttarakhand or Ladakh in deep winter, however for the rest of the other season as well as location this tent should be more than adequate. Having said that this would be a great tent for the tropics and forested areas. Additionally, going by the user reviews that i have been reading , this tent has really performed very well in snowed conditions, so i think though it is officially a 3 Season grading , it will perform very well in winter conditions and treks.

At a glance if I look at the gains from this model

tent 1


tent 2

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Interesting features

  • The tent has been provided with large zippers which are a dream and only one who has camped outside can understand the importance of large zippers .
  • The weather fly provides full coverage to the inner tent thereby making it fully waterproof.
  • There are two mesh doors and the roofing too is mesh thereby this would be a great choice in the summers while camping .
  • The tent is super easy to set up .
  • There is storage space also provided in the tent in form of large pockets.
  • High ventilation feasibility thereby it is boon for many .
  • It is a high quality product for the price that it is available for.
  • The stitching is top notch and I sure that this tent will last me for many years in the future

I am hoping that I will soon get a chance to try out the tent and thereafter share my experience. One more detail, this can be procured online through Amazon. I am sure of one fact that of all the limited models that I have seen that are generally used in the Indian trekking scenario, the Alps Mountaineering Chaos II will emerge amongst the top notch model in use right now.


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  1. Oh yes, camping in winter is quite an adventure. I have almost no friends who want to join me for such a trip. Your tips are good!

  2. Thank you for an in depth post about the man tent. It is highly informative. I have done treks but not of such high voltage. I am sure the tents you recommend are pretty and they seem to have the apt features for the Alps.

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