Footprints through time : Lord Shiva & Devi Parvati ( Kalimath & Triyugi Narayan)

Sometimes we come across places that are so deep in history that when they unravel themselves leave a deep impact on the individual’s mind. This article will attempt to speak about two such places in the state of Uttarakhand.

On  a bright blue morning when I was in Uttarkhand visiting places, I heard about a place known as Kalimath. Nestled at an altitude of 1800 mts in the deep valleys , this place was steeped in history. The road stretch from the biggest town Guptkashi to Kalimath was found among the most vulnerable to mudslides, rockslides post 2013. The entire route is too narrow and broken at most of the places, vehicles do move up and down but at the cost of personal safety.

Kalimath, one of the 108 Shakti peeths, associate with siddhi learnings is a divine place surrounded by the Kedarnath peaks. It is said that Maa Kali had killed the Asura Rakthabeeja out here. Steeped in folklore and mysticism it is revered by all those who visit this place.  Shaktipeeths are of great religious relevance in the Hindu mythology as they proclaim the power and aura of the goddess which is essential and an equal counterpart to the sustenance of the creation that is known as Earth.

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Tales speak about Goddess Kali after killing the demon Raktabheeja, entered the place at this place and that particular spot is around which the temple stands. The particular spot is covered by a silver plate which is opened only once during the eighth day of the Navratri (the worshipping of the nine forms of Goddess Shakti i.e. Maa Durga). There are also situated the shrine of the Kaal Bhairava , the protector in addition to temple of Goddess Lakshmi. There is a akhand jyot (eternal flame) which signifies the eternity of the Shakti which is burning all the while. The 2013 floods were particularly devastating out here , with the stream from the Mandakini totally decimating everything other than the temple which still stands on the edge of the hill.

For those who are keen on visiting the interiors of Uttarakhand, do take the time off to visit Kalimath and feel the power of the Devi Maa in every aspect out here amongst the deep valleys and mountains.


How to reach 20 kms from Ukimath,

One can take a taxi from Rudraprayag or Guptkashi

Places to stay Limited and very basic in function
Time to visit Post monsoons or pre monsoons. Avoid monsoons

Triyugi Narayan

Nestled in the valley above Guptkashi , there is a mystical place with a deep historical religious significance. Triyugi Narayan  at an altitude of 7200 ft situated amidst the lush mountain slopes of the Garhwal region takes the visitor back in time .

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The road leading to the village was un-metalled, narrow twisting and turning on the mountain side climbing all the while. There is definitely no bus connectivity to these places, it’s the land of jeeps and max trekkers. Triyugi Narayan   was reached by around 1130 hrs and quickly had a darshan of the temple, there are many trekking spots in and around the surrounding mountains which I am sure those who stay close by can explore. The place is credited as being the location of the marriage of Lord Shiva with Maa Parvati and witnessed by Lord Vishnu. The ancient temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu and the celestial mandap are the highlights. The akhand dhuni (perpetual flame) burns here all the time. A serene place indeed.

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There are small ponds out here named after the trinity and the devotee takes a bath in these ponds before going inside the main temple. The eternal flames burns here continuously where Lord shiva took the seven times circumference of the holy fire during the time of his marriage to Maa parvati . Legends state that devotees have been offering their devotion to the eternal flame since the three ages (Yugas). I am sure everyone is aware of the devotion and love that was displayed by Maa Parvati in order to win over the affection of Lord Shiva especially after the way he had gone into total seclusion following the leaving of Devi Sati from the mortal earth.


How to reach 50 kms from Guptkashi,

One can take a taxi from Guptkashi

Places to stay Limited and very basic in function
Time to visit Post monsoons or pre monsoons. Avoid monsoons

There are such hidden gems all over our country, the only thing that is needed is the effort to reach out to them and for some time be a part of them.


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  1. Though not a believer, I love Hinduism and the history behind it. I can fondly recall my time in Cambodia, when I first went to Angkor Wat, and I read up on Hinduism. When I encountered the words Shiva, temple, and the eternal flame (which I want to see!), your writing became alive in me.

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