Waterfalls in Karnataka, India ( Series 2)

Best waterfalls in Karnataka

This post is a continuation to the multi sequel series on Waterfalls in Karnataka. we travel along the National Highway 52. This takes one through the densely forested slopes of the Western Ghats moving towards the town of Igundi, Yellapur and beyond in the search for some of the best waterfalls in Karnataka.

In my previous post I had spoken about the Sathodi Falls. This post we would be speaking about two more hidden gems which make it to the list of Best waterfalls in Karnataka: Ajjigundi Falls and Shirley Falls: –

Let’s read on best waterfalls in Karnataka

Ajjigundi Falls

Firstly, about the Ajjigundi falls. I came across this name while doing a search on the Waterfalls in the Yellapur district of Uttara Karnataka. The falls are located truly off the beaten track and though not huge they definitely are worth a visit.

How does one reach Ajjigundi Falls

As one travels on National Highway 52. towards Yellapur, on reaching the town of Idgundi take a left. This will result in entry onto State Highway 6. Post a few km, one then needs to take the detour and take a short hike after parking the vehicle. Nestled amidst plantations and green foliage, one has to ask directions from the local houses that are located few and in between. It is the roar of the falls that will eventually guide you once you reach its vicinity.

Ajjigundi as per me deserves to be in the list for best waterfalls in Karnataka. Standing tall amidst areca plantations, it is a photographer’s delight and with none of the touristic crowd around. It is a small fall by any standard however what draws the visitor is its beauty and sublime appeal like the appearance of a forgotten garden from the depths of the forested lands.

My thoughts on Ajjigundi falls

Visiting waterfalls is not something that has to be measured in minutes or hours rather the moments spent out in their midst that needs to be collected to build something cherishable. On occasions, I have sat down near them with my mind as a replica of an empty canvas. The prevailing thoughts are left behind. The vibes of that place draw a series of new patterns of thoughts on the blank canvas.

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Best waterfalls in Karnataka contd.

Shirley Falls

Shirley falls is also located in Yellapur District of Karnataka. One has to take a detour from the Hubli –Karwar National Highway 52 to reach this place. This fall is also on the off beaten route and is hardly known outside of the local region.

How does one reach Shirley Falls

One needs to drive towards Idgundi and then park the vehicle at Shirley Bus Stop. This is a small nondescript bus stop on the highway. There is a muddy trail which slopes into the forest and one can take a 4×4 drive if confident, I chose to walk.

After a 30 min hike, one is drawn to the sound of the fall and can see it in full glory one of the best waterfalls of Karnataka situated away from prying eyes. It is one stage fall though the chasm at the base of it looks scary and prohibits anyone from wandering too close to the fall.

My thoughts on Shirley falls

The water is from a stream that swells up in the monsoons and thereby generates this particular fall. I am sure in the summer season or when the flow reduces, this would be a great place to swim and relax at the base of the fall. Once again, in the time spent there hardly anyone ventured and I had the place all to myself.

These falls are famous amongst the locals and definitely worth a visit. I hope that the readers found this series of posts on best waterfalls in Karnataka interesting. Soon will be back with another sequel in the series.

Location image for the falls

Just click on the below link to have a look on Google maps for location coordinates of these falls.

Google Maps Location

FAQ for visiting these waterfalls

Best time to Visit
EssentialsRain gear , good soled shoes , phone , water bottle , Area Map
Look out for Leeches , snakes

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