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White Water rafting in Goa “Come pick your raft! we will see you on the river!!! “

The definition of white water rafting is  “an outdoor activity which use an inflatable raft to navigate a river or water body. This is often done on Whitewater or different degrees of rough water. “Now this is a prim and proper definition but then I don’t believe in prim and proper definitions, so what is

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Wandering in Old Goa ( Vagando no velho goa )

Goa, the first reaction is beaches and blue ocean , lounging in the beach shacks with music somewhere in the background. But if we say Goa and that too in  the midst of the tropical monsoons , not many would warm up to the idea. I would say, a weekend visit to Goa in the

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Waterfalls in the Sahyadris’ ( Serie 2)

As a continuation to the multi sequel series on “Water falls in the Western Ghats” , we travel along the National Highway 52 which takes one through the dense forested slopes of the Western Ghats moving towards the town of Igundi , Yellapur and beyond venturing into the main heartland of the state of Karnataka

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