World of Himalayan Flowers

This post is a visual journey into the world of the Himalayan Flowers. I am neither a florist nor a botanist. I am a passionate amateur trekker and have come across the beauty of the Himalayan flora during my treks. This is a photo story where the readers get to see visuals from world of Himalayan Flowers growing in happy abandon amidst nature.

The Himalayan Range consist of the world’s biggest peaks. In addition to this the entire group of ranges have diverse geographical conditions and topography which is unique to them. Many lush gorgeous and breathtaking flora found the Himalayan range to be their ideal habitat.

Himalayan images
Visual seen as I climb higher up to leave the treeline soon behind us

Section I – Into the world of Himalayan Flora

My first trek was to the hill state of Uttarakhand(Read here ). In India Uttarakhand is known as the Land of Gods owing to the rich history and mythological strong links to various legends.

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The trek was to a high altitude lake known as Nandi-Kund( altitude 4600 mts) located deep inside the Lower Himalayan region. On this trek i was drawn into the region of Himalyan Flora and come across the famous BrahmaKamal ( Saussurea Obvallata ).

Nandikund Lake- photos from Himalayas
Glacial Lake of NandiKund(Read here)

One of the most spiritually revered but scientifically ignored. It is the State flower of Uttarakhand and found only at a height of 3000-4000 mts. I was delighted to see them growing on the himalayan slopes all by themselves in total solitude. My guide explained to me the local reverence to this flower and how it is protected by them from misuse.

Himalayan Flora
The distinctive feature of Brahma Kamal -King of Himalayan Flowers

The world of Himalayan Flora is as elusive as it is intriguing. This is a niche segment which is studied by dedicated group of individuals. The terrain ensures that only the most dedicated come to these places and spend long days out here.

The treks in the Himalayan region be it India, Nepal or adjoining regions are spectacular owing to the remoteness of the trek, the surreal terrain and an overwhelmingly increasing feeling of being completely in Nature’s frame.

 images  from Himalayas
Our camping site on one of the days – right at the ridge

The trek to Nandikund spans across some imposing valleys and mountain ranges. While one is traversing , visuals of delicate beauty of various Himalayan Flora such as this come across .

Himalayan Flora
Himalayan Flora
So i used to trek with the camera in my hand or slung across me in order to capture these frames while on the trek.Highly endangered medicinal herb of the Himalayas. Angelica is the name
Himalayan Flora
The Great Burnet. Endangered & used for anti oxidant properties

As i continued to trek up the slopes of a mountain range approaching the limit of the altitude after which even the short vegetation vanishes, i came upon this unique flower field shimmering in the morning dew.The local dialect knows them as Vishnu Kamal ( Flower of Lord Vishnu )

Images from Himalayas
large section of the mountain slope was covered with these growing right on the ground. Highly Endangered and very rare , used for wounds treatment,

This trek ignited the desire to see more of the Himalayan flora and i decided to try to schedule my treks in such a manner that i could see more of these amazing beautiful visuals. There is something soothing to see things of beauty grow unhindered and in their raw free form.

Images from Himalayas
Sitting on the side of a mountain stream flowing downhill as the evening drew to a close. By the way i had to cross this stream to go to my campsite on the other side and it was so cold to wade through it, rock to rock finding a grip else get washed down
Himalayan Flora
The rains imparted a sense of feeling ALIVE to each blade & Stalk out here .

Section II- Coming across the flora on the Satopant Trail

The next trek was undertaken in the Garhwal Himalayan region in vicinity of Gangotri Himalayan range , ahead of the holy town of Badrinath which is one of the most revered Hindu temples in the Indian subcontinent.

Badrinath images
The town of Badrinath – defintely recommend readers to visit(Read here)

It was to the holy lake of Satopanth at an altitude of 4600 mts. Have a look at the visual journey here .

Satopanth photos
Watching Lake Satopanth – sense of peace & tranquility(Read here )

Each day after we made camp, i wandered in the adjoining valleys camera in hand , huffing & panting with the exertion of climbing up and down to discover myself in company of these beauties .

Himalayan Flora
The pretty Alpine-forget-me-not.
Himalayan vegetation
There is something so soothing to just life down on the ground and look upwards at the sky and the mountains all around

Believe me , the joy of seeing them in the company of towering snow clad peaks all around is awe inspiring .

flowers of Himalayas
The colours of nature all around Meadow Geranium. Used to treat influenza & Lung Disorders.
flowers of Himalayas
The mark of the monsoons on the petals of the flowers . Can there be anyting more symbolic

Section III,Exploring the Himalayan Flora on the Mandini Trek

One of my most memorable treks was to the valley of Mandini which is at the foothills of Mt Mandini, a part of the Gangotri Range of Himalaya. The trek to reach Mandini valley is highly arduous to say the least.

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However having said that, the rewards are truly sweet. After days of struggling in the peak of monsoon in the Himalayas i found myself face to face with this ..

Himalayan Flora
The magic of Mandini (read here )

Truly a place to see in the Himalayan monsoon, tucked away from prying eyes it was nature at her softness. Shielded by towering mountains on three sides and a dreary path on the remaining side . The remoteness ensures that only determined few come out here and hence there is no commercialization till date

Trekking in Himalayas
When LIFE gives you gifts such as this

What does one do when confronted with such vistas, Mt Mandini (I,II & III ) rise up at the end of the valley while the Mandini river flowing serenely through the valley floor .

Himalayan Flora
Mount Mandini I,II,III

To see Himalayan flowering one has to come to these regions in deep monsoons for it is then that the icy regions teem with flora and are ALIVE.

Himalayan Flora
Follow your dreams and let Nature show you her beauty
Himalayan Flora
We need to take the beauty and the Lessons from Pristine Nature & implement them in our lives

However one has to brave the elements of weather and precarious trails through mountain slopes that can be pretty dangerous to speak mildly.

trekking in Himalayas
Dreams gives us motivation and inspirations. That is magic of LIFE

Having spent two days in this valley, gazing at the clouds & mist making their passage, the flowers gently reminded me how vital it is to see these kind of visuals in the life that we live in.

Himalayan Flora
The light within, called Fairy Flax
Himalayan Flora
The jewellery of nature

The sojourn to Mandini was one of the most memorable of all, as the entire trek was through the wildness of the Lower Himalayan regions transversing range after range on foot.

Flowers from Himalayas
Delicately balanced and strong to survive in the Himalayas
Himalayan Flora

The rolling clouds, green foliage all around and presence of mountain shrines built by those who trekked in these regions deeply impacted me and firmed up my belief to continue trekking as a hobby and get more aligned with nature.

Trekking in Himalayas
Seeing a myriad of streams all flowing towards river Mandini

Section IV-World of Himalayan Flora

Then one more trek which i remember was towards Hembook Col on the way to the holy icy region of Kedarnath. Kedarnath temple is amongst the most ALIVE temples in India nestled on the banks of the Mandakini river among the Gangotri range of Himalayan mountains.

Hembook Col was as obscure a place as they come with no one other than my team and me in the entire trek period

Trekking in Himalayas
The remains of a dead glacier which has seen the Earth evolve

The campsite by the side of a flowing stream and in the presence of these beauties made me forget the rigours of the trek indeed.

Himalayan Flora
Himalayan Flora
Pearls of Nature

These are some of the visuals which i have appended in the short photo story. Trust that these have been a delight to you as they have been to me. The Himalayas are truly a mystical and wondrous region deadly yet beautiful at the same time. They awe all those who visit it and ensure that the visitor comes back again.

Blue Poppy - Himalayas
Memories will always remain with me of seeing a blue poppy of the Himalaya
Himalayan Flora
This is the Many Stemmed Himalayan Flexbane . Has Antioxidant properties

I wait to be back out there on some trek leaving behind the hassles of everyday life of the city. Till then i have my memories and the visuals to keep me company from the world of Himalayan Flora . If you wish to read and see the complete set of visuals click on the link that follows.

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  1. Once again a beautiful and charming photo story forcing our thoughts to wander away into nature sitting at home.
    These colorful and bright pics surely made us more cheerful 🙂

  2. Spectacular concept of taking us to a tour of mountains with the glimpse of rarest seen flowers of Himalayas. I just loved this pairing.Gonna bookmark this post of yours. As said ‘Follow your dreams and let nature show you her beauty’ following this statement would definitely visit this place to witness mother nature with my open eyes. Indeed a great one.
    Thanks for sharing 😍

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  5. Wow! Your blog is really really awesome, the entire Himalayan region filled with thousands type of different types of flora and fauna. You have taken some breathtaking photography of all kinds of flowers and nature which is really stunning. Thanks for the lovely blog. I will definitely do the Nandi-Kund trek to observe these.

  6. Your photos are lovely, touching flowers, colors, and details. It is a very interesting post, so much unusual information. I imagine sitting on the downhill and admire this nature. The Himalayas are on my list. I’ve been dreaming of visiting places you write about for years. I was in Nepal a long time ago, but because of the riots, we couldn’t go to the mountains. Maybe I will go on the Indian side one day. I would love to visit Ladakh.

  7. Wow love the macro shots. camping on the ridge looks so amazing! I love this post. I haven fallen even more in love with he mountains after reading this!

  8. Hi Sumit! Lovely flower expedition! But I want to ask about Uttarakhand as I’m planning to go soon. How many days are sufficient for an Uttarakhand trip? If you can also give advice on climate and what to wear I know it snows there but I have no idea how cold it is. Thank you in advance!

    1. i am so glad that you could relate to the post . well you need normal clothes during the day , nights are colder view altitude . Winter is all snowed out .

  9. Uttarakhand is truly God’s own land. I have traveled a bit but the beauty of the region is so well expressed here. Once again a beautiful photo story unraveling the true beauty of the Himalayan region. The spots that you have chosen are just amazing including your camp site and the Satopanth Lake is truly a masterpiece. A great look at flowers many of which I have never seen before.

  10. I love my flowers and I’m keen on everything plants so this post is right up my street.
    First, I notice the varieties of plants and the variations between them. For example, the Alpine Forget-me-not flower and the blue poppy are similar to what we have on the UK but the colours and size are different.
    I was aware of the healing powers of some plants, it was useful that you listed some more healing powers of these plants.
    What a fantastic and educational post this is.

  11. Wow. Your photos are stunning but I can’t believe you camped in the middle of monsoon season to get them! You are so brave to trek through all those mountains with your camera to get those great shots. I hope to also do that someday as they were well worth it! Amazing that your guide was able to identify the medicinal plants! So great that you had your guide explaining everything to you (and us).

    1. i am so glad you could relate to the post. do have a look at some other similar posts or if needed i could suggest a few more from the blog

  12. I love flowers and therefore it would be great to see so many floral beauties in Himalayas. I have never seen Brahma Kamal which is also the King of Himalayan Flowers and therefore it would great treat for my eyes whenever I visit this place. Fairy Flax too looks splendid.

    1. i am so glad you could relate to the post. do have a look at some other similar posts or if needed i could suggest a few more from the blog

  13. Amazing photography. The flowers were so heartwarming. Himalayas are indeed the place to surrender. The Brahma Kamal, the Mandini mountain as well as the river, Alpine forget me not are truly magical. This was a lovely virtual trip.

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    1. hi paolo ,
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