Syntheri Rocks : Ravines of the era gone by !!!

Yet another weekend approached and I was faced with the dilemma of where to go in a single day yet be back by the night. So back to google maps and just look at the various names that pop up. This is how I stumbled upon yet another gem called Syntheri Rocks. The name sounded so different that I decided to do a bit more research and hence out of this was born my visit to Syntheri Rocks.

Syntheri Rock really rocks! encompassing a 300 feet tall monolith granite on the banks of Kaneri river which is a tributary of the Great River Kali. Located around 100 kms deep within the Dandeli Wildlife sanctuary the rocks form an imposing ravine in the Kaneri River. A gushing water fall adds to the charm of the place but the waters are cruel and deep holding many a mystery within. The place is a geologist as well as nature lover’s delight.

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The state highway ( SH 34) on which one has move after deviating from NH 17 meanders its way through Anshi National Park and is generally devoid of any traffic and with the forest proclaiming its presence right from the edge of the road, a drive through this region is definitely a unique experience. The turn to the trail that leads to the rocks however is not defined ( Anshi-Ulavi Road )and it was by good luck that I sensed that this turn is the correct one and asked a local person and he confirmed the same. Hence this is the issue other than that there is also no provision of any eatery on the way hence one has to be prepared.

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The rock is massive to say the least and on top of it there are numerous bee hives and flocks of pigeons who have made the rock their home happily protected from all by the deep river in between. There have been efforts to educate the people who visit this place about the significance of various kinds of rocks by means of placing samples with a small write up but age has taken its toll on them and soon with time nature will reclaim what was once hers.

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I spend some time out there seeing, feeling and clicking pics prior to departing from the place. The government is trying to develop the place as a tourist center and activities for the same are in progress. It is a definite must visit for those who visit this part of the region and have time and interest in checking out little known areas. .

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Overall worth a visit owing to the uniqueness of the place and the lovely drive.


How To Reach Use NH 17 > SH 34 > Anshi – Ulavi Rd
Where to stay Amara Homestay ( 50 kms ) or Yellapur town
Mobile connectivity Sketchy
Refreshments Nil , carry your own
Public Transport Not available , own arranged transport needed
Safety issues Safe , do not swim into the water and do not stay beyond dark

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