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Hello everyone, this is Sumit here and a warm welcome to my musings. Do look around and i am sure you will find something that strikes a chord inside YOU.

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Every action that we do , there is always a Take Away , this could be in a tangible form or an intangible format and so is the case with a road trip or a journey whose terms of reference are definitely not going from place A to place B. So i decided to jot […]

Intro.     Road trips are meant to be pleasant fulfilling memorable yet challenging in order to get that satisfaction that comes from accomplishing something worthwhile. However right preparation is essential to ensure that the road trip does not turn in to something of a major disaster with unpleasant experiences and besides safety related issues. When I […]

The smallest hill station in India J but definitely significant in stature and reputation, Matheran meaning “Forest on the Forehead “is the only automobile free hill station that I know of; absolutely no honking tourist cabs or vehicles competing with nature that one sees in other hill stations .Developed by the British as usual, in […]