My thoughts on the workhorse mid layer from RAB clothing : Caliber Pants

One of the key aspects to being outdoors in alpine conditions  is the clothing and if one goes wrong in this, the tenacity and success of the trek itself in addition to Self-Safety is in jeopardy. Just because it is cold does not mean that one cannot go outside and do what we want to do. But it takes planning and careful thought. If you are heading outdoors no matter what the season the easiest way to stay comfortable is to dress properly.

Layering is simply a strategy that emphasis versatility and efficiency. Instead of bulking oneself with heavier items it is always better to put together an outfit with lighter items that can be removed or worn depending on the situation

In this article I would be speaking about the middle layer which is one of the most important layer. The function of this layer is to provide insulation and retain the heat by trapping air close to the body. Generally, opt for either synthetic material like polyester which are composed of Polartec, Thinsualte etc or go for natural fibers like wool, goose down which are excellent insulators. For extreme cold, natural fibers are definitely better however the biggest drawback is that when they come in contact with water, they become heavy and lose their properties. However newer innovations by brands like RAB(UK), ICEBREAKER etc are overcoming the above handicap.

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So I would be speaking about the lower mid layer known model that I have been using from RAB , UK known as Caliber Pants.

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Few Words

These are comprising of weather resistant Polartec Powershield membrane which creates a soft shell. Wind and water resistant, the pants work great in the mountains. The outer fabric is Polartec Power shield which is claimed to be 98 % wind resistant and highly breathable. There is also a water repellent surface property to it. The knees have reinforced Cordura patches to improve durability. The zippers are from YKK waterproof. There is also a fleece lined inner covering. There is an integrated webbing belt for a secure fit. Generous pockets have been provided which have helped me in keeping a plethora of stuff needed while on the hike.

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It has been over two years that I have been using them and they have held really well even to this day. They are really adequate with an inner base layer for braving the minus temperatures in the mountains. I generally love being in them when I am hiking/travelling and have found them super easy to sleep in at night.

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For the rigors of travel I rely absolutely on them , I am sure there are many great products available in the market open domain but when I am addressing  quality with thoughtful design and optimum performance I rate the Caliber Pants right up in the Top Notch category .



Polartec: The industry standard when it comes to innovation and performance in wool kits . The Polartec Power Dry was created to give base fabrics better efficiency, more dependable wicking properties, faster dry times and superior performance.

YKK zippers. YKK is the largest Zipper manufacturing company in the world. This Japanese company was founded in 1954 and is the leader when it comes to state of the art Zippers.



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