Why do i trek ……

Firstly some disclaimers

  • I am not a accomplished trekker
  • The list of treks done is not exhaustive
  • I have no formal training in either trekking or mountaineering

So the question is why does one trek, I mean why would one wish to indulge in multi day treks. Coming from the background that I am from, trying to go on treks is a kind of passion that demands sacrifice. The sacrifice ranges from the materialistic kinds to the emotional variety . Believe me the emotional one actually is the hardest and the effects on one’s mental energy is quite substantial.

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So why to go on treks in the first place, especially on remote treks which are unique as well as highly demanding. Well I have tried listing down the reasons, the readers can also add more in case they resonate with some view of their own

The biggest take away for me was the feeling of an upliftment within, every step away from the civilization made me shed away the coat of societal pressures , conflicts , indecision ,emotional baggage’s making me feel lighter and warmer from within

The sense of accomplishment, I guess this is the second take away for me . the sense of accomplishing something so diverse makes a very deep impact on the soul and inner being.

The sense of connect with nature. If you are a nature lover, the connect that forms with raw nature is something that cannot be measured and this for me is my third take away.

The opportunity to lead a life so different from what one does the entire year. Yes this is also a great take away, for some days one is living a life that is so simple in wants and aspirations which is so different from what one does the remaining days out of 365 days.

The pleasure of seeing something and trying something new. Ahh Yes, this is a strong motivating factor, the joy of seeing and being witness to something spectacular and trying something totally different and challenging is a great consideration factor .

For the joy of photography; well this is am sure appealing to all those who love nature , the warmth of seeing and holding on to nature’s vistas as she unfolds them in your presence as we go CLICK CLICK CLICK .

There are those like me for whom being in one place especially cities is kind of too binding and hence trek into the wilderness offers a kind of ESCAPE at least for some days and hence they willingly go into this .

There are some who have the EXPLORERS spirit within and love to explore and find something that was hitherto not widely known or was totally in the unknown realm of things.

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Finally my very personal reason to Trek is to find a meaning to the life that I lead , I know I am no philosopher and hence cannot explain this in a better sense but am sure many among you who are afflicted similarly will agree ,to watch the sun rise or sun set over the mountain range as you sit outside your tent away from everything that holds significance in the life that you lead is a feeling and that moment somehow overshadows just about everything else at that point of time , its too mystical and overwhelming a feeling.

That’s it, I guess I will leave the readers to add some more from their end

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