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As a continuation to the multi sequel series on “Water falls in the Western Ghats” , we travel along the National Highway 52 which takes one through the dense forested slopes of the Western Ghats moving towards the town of Igundi , Yellapur and beyond venturing into the main heartland of the state of Karnataka […]

Western Ghats, The Sahyadri; call it as you desire but one of the most iconic and historical mountain range of Indian Subcontinent, diverse in its biological flora and fauna running along the west coast f India, it is a mind boggling feat of nature and for nature lovers it offers a passage back in time […]

  Few among us are born restless, destined to reach out into the unknown. They do not know how to sit still; the calling is always upon them. To push the concept of “what is expected” is what always plays on their mind. I think I belong to this breed, for omnipresent is this urge […]

CARPE DIEM: SIEZE THE DAY . The Latin saying in retrospect may somewhat signify what I was feeling when I set out for the trip but after having completed it am not sure in which category do I place it .. was it a calling of the western Ghats in the monsoons or was it […]

If one considers the top three states to be visited upon when it comes to admiring nature’s beauty and the mountain ranges , the state of Uttarakhand figures amongst the top three owing to its rich portfolio of having the lower Himalayan range running through it . Now if we consider the top ten places […]

The smallest hill station in India J but definitely significant in stature and reputation, Matheran meaning “Forest on the Forehead “is the only automobile free hill station that I know of; absolutely no honking tourist cabs or vehicles competing with nature that one sees in other hill stations .Developed by the British as usual, in […]