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Trek to the Lake of Truth : Satopanth

This is the concluding part of a two trek combined sojourn, wherein the first segment dealt with the trek to Mandini Valley and beyond in order to see the flowering of the alpine flowering plants which are rare and not seen outside the Himalayan Region in the Garhwal segment during peak monsoon. The concluding segment

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Airport experiences !!!

My airport experiences: CISF & Me I have generally been a private kind of a guy when it comes to public places and airports are generally as public as they come. So i do make a point to ensure that at the airports all my check boxes iro documentation, Do’S & Dont’s are clearly thought

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HOW DO I PREPARE FOR A ROAD TRIP Intro.     Road trips are meant to be pleasant fulfilling memorable yet challenging in order to get that satisfaction that comes from accomplishing something worthwhile. However right preparation is essential to ensure that the road trip does not turn in to something of a major disaster with unpleasant

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