Trekking Backpacks: “Symbium Access 70” by Quechua 1.       One of the critical aspects of trekking however long/short the duration of the trek maybe remains the choice of the Back Pack. The single entity that bears all the stress and strain of the trek jointly with the trekker himself remains the backpack. […]

Intro. Well to many amongst us, this is something that is in everyday use or has been used at some point or the other in our lives. I guess the only time a thought goes at it is when we are going to some place and a weird thought comes in the head that the […]

HOW DO I PREPARE FOR A ROAD TRIP Intro.     Road trips are meant to be pleasant fulfilling memorable yet challenging in order to get that satisfaction that comes from accomplishing something worthwhile. However right preparation is essential to ensure that the road trip does not turn in to something of a major disaster with unpleasant […]

Intro.   I have over period of time realized the importance of a portable power bank .There are many available in the arena with various capacities and specifications. My first purchase showed me how flawed I was in my approach to pick one and hence I did research a bit before I picked up my second […]