Thoughts on RavPower 24W solar panel for the backpack traveller

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One of the most critical aspects of a trek or a road trip is availability of power in order to charge various critical components like the smart phone, GPS device, power banks as well as a wide variety of batteries for sundry gadgets whose availability is critical ( Read here how to extact more from a power bank )

Till date I had been relying on high capacity power banks like the one from Anker Astro E5 16000 mAH  but used to carry two of them. There was always a need to recharge the power bank at the first available opportunity from an electric source. I had heard about solar powered cells but never gone actively into it until finally circumstances made me search for something which would cater to the charging of my power banks itself.

This review is of the Solar charger RAVPOWER 24W solar panel with triple USB ports waterproof folder.


So I ordered this product from Amazon after going through reviews on the net and these are my thoughts after undertaking a series of trials.


The RAVPower Solar Power is a great option, the panel is reliable, affordable and proves a decent amount power. The intention of the solar power is to power up any electric device that can be recharged using a USB. These include smartphones, tablet, batter bank etc. This is a great way to save energy .


The solar panels patented as SunPower are 04 in number and it is claimed that they increase the energy harnessing efficiency by 23 %

The panels are ruggedly built from a polymer substrate and held together by an extremely durable canvas cloth

The entire set up is designed for rugged use and can handle considerable torsion as well as stress and strain.

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Technical details

The solar cells offer three charging ports which can deliver 2.4 Amps of current.

The total weight is 754 g

The exclusive I Smart technology ensures that the flow of energy is regulated resulting in the device charging at an even and constant rate.

The panel has three USB ports and is compatible with most of the device available in the open domain.

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integrated Velcro and pouch for storing small devices.

Built for travelling and to be on the road out in the elements of weather

Three charging ports most of the solar panels are offering only two charging ports


Frank opinion is that the charger takes a lot of time to charge. This somewhat disappointed me because this meant that the device needed to have to be connected for a longer time in order to get totally charged. So, yea this is a disappointment.

I could get only around 2.0 Amps against the rated 2.4 Amps.


My suggestion is not to keep the device like phone or tablet directly connected to the panel for charging. The sun rays and the heat generated is not conducive for these devices. The better option is to charge a power bank and then use the power bank to charge the other delicate devices.

I had connected my smart phone directly and this had resulted in the phone getting over heated due to the ambient temperature in the direct sunlight.

Okay so I am going to use this till I actually figure out its limitations on the field and then maybe I would be better prepared to upgrade but till such time, this is definitely an option considering the construction feature as well as technology that has been used .






19 Replies to “Thoughts on RavPower 24W solar panel for the backpack traveller”

  1. Great review thanks for your insights! I had a similar problem of slow charing with a solar power bank, hope you’re able to make the most out of it on your travels!

  2. This is a piece of gear I’ve never considered before, but as a hiker it looks like it could be really useful. My phone battery runs out really quickly so this might be just the trick! Thanks for sharing.

  3. I am actually considering buying a solar charger, good thing you have a post about it. I honestly don’t know where to look and I kinda don’t trust the local suppliers that are selling them for cheap.

    My powerbank takes also a long time to charge. In fact, it requires overnight charging, so I don’t think I will have a problem with the solar panel on this issue. I guess I have to wait on your updates when you’ve learned more about this device before I make any purchase.

  4. Very thoughtful charging advice that you gave there. You always review not just very useful travel products but also very thoughtful ones. These solar panels are like the thing of the future. And I won’t be surprised if in future I see more and more travelers opting for these.

  5. the solar panel for backpackers looks interesting and useful for mountaineering. How much is this tool in USD and where did you buy it?

  6. This is really interesting. I have just a little solar charged power bank of my own, but I’ve found the same: that it overheats if I charge my devices with it while it’s in the sun charging, and that it charges everything slowly. Mine was pretty cheap though so maybe if I upgraded it’d be different?

  7. Solar panel for powerbank sounds like a really cool idea! I hadn’t given it a thought. It sounds light at 754 grams but yes the tips that you offered at the end were really interesting that one should not charge the phone while charging the powerbank as it can hamper the efficiency. I hope technology evolves soon to overcome the obstacles faced by the power bank. Thank for a wonderful read!

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