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When i headed into the White Spiti ( concluding segment )

 The morning was splendid after a good sleep buried in layers of heavy quilts in a mud room. When i looked at the windows they were all frosted which indicated how much the mercury had fallen in the night . The sun was coming over the nearby peaks as i made my way outside. The

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My thoughts on the Latok hard-shell jacket; @RAB, uk

Well the deep winter as well as monsoons of 2017 are over with the rains in the mountains too on the wane, the clear skies are out. This is the time to reflect on the performance of certain critical equipment’s which forma important part of outdoor hiking in the mountains where the snow as well

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Snow chain : my review of the SCC super Z6 cable chain

If one lives in an area where snowfall is a possibility or is of that breed who believe in taking their RIDE to the Northern/Northeastern part of our country during the winter months, then we need to be prepared for winter driving conditions. That means having set of tire chains that will help one to

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