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Serie – III , through the by-lanes of high altitude Nerak Village : Chadar 2017

DAY IV : Wandering to Nerak Gongma & Nerak Yokma Woke up to the sounds of other groups calling out for breakfast, today was a lazy day compared to the previous days. The agenda for the day was trek to the famous frozen water fall followed by a visit to the Nerak Yokma and Nerak

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My Trek on the Zanskar – Chadar 2017 ( Serie II )

DAY II: Bakula Campsite to Tip Yokma The alarm was set for 0645 hrs and we welcomed the day with a cup of hot tea sitting inside the sleeping bag. The night was super cold as frost had crept up slowly and covered the entire tent in fact the interiors of the tent too had

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A word about Socks & their relation to Hiking

Just like boots, socks are an important part of the outdoor kit. If the correct grade and type of socks are worn, one does not even have to think about them but if an incorrect socks has been worn, the day’s trek will turn very unpleasant and heavy on the head. A good pair of

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