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Which camera to buy : the intriguing question indeed !!!

Many a time we come across queries posted by fellow photographer enthusiasts asking a very common question, “Which camera is the best option to buy for an economical budget “ I thought I will share my views on this topic by way of this article. I was a die hard “Point & Shot camera “supporter

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Lakes of Maharashtra – Pawna & Tungarli

Road trips needn’t be long mega trips to far off destinations , they are meant to be experiences deeplymoving from within and hence disance actually does not play much role in this . Keeping this in context let me go down memory lane to uncover the delightful trip to the Maharashtra Ghats . This is

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I have made a list of places that I wish to visit, its an amateur list and keeps on changing. After my visit to Ladakh last year I was thinking of a trip to South India   and then maybe later someday in the coming years I would visit Uttarakhand. But as the saying goes

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