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Extracting the most out of your battery in sub zero temperatures

Yes, many amongst us are in to reaching out to far flung places, away from the trappings of civilization and its outreach. In these sojourns we like to freeze moments and thoughts that our senses encounter and for this we turn to the modern day gadgets be it camera gear, e note pad, smart phones

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What’s in my backpack !!!!

What should I pack for the upcoming trek? It is going to be a multi-day trek , so how do I find the right combination between essential , desirable , weight carrying capacity and the correct frame of mind to enjoy the scenic vistas with the backpack on my back. I had all these queries

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Review –Anker Astro E5 16000 MAH 2ND Gen Portable Charger

Intro.   I have over period of time realized the importance of a portable power bank .There are many available in the arena with various capacities and specifications. My first purchase showed me how flawed I was in my approach to pick one and hence I did research a bit before I picked up my second

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