Baguran Jalpai, an emerging sea beach destination in Bengal

“ The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its nets of wonder forever “,– Jacques Yves Cousteau, a famous French Naval explorer, photographer and researcher, once said. In my opinion, this holds for the beaches and not only for the deep sea. Let me present to the readers – Baguran Jalpai. An offbeat beach destination on the Bay of Bengal, 165 km from Kolkata. This beautiful sea beach getaway is located in East Medinipur. It is a no-man’s beach where one is greeted by hundreds of red crabs, serene waters and soft sand. This secluded getaway is fast becoming the best beach destination near Kolkata.

baguran jalpai
Monsoons at Baguran Jalpai

I have covered several weekend getaways from Kolkata. Yet, beaches remain a coveted category for the relaxation and good fun that comes with a weekend spent on a beach. The weekend getaway becomes memorable if the beach is laid back, pristine and soothing with some good local food. Baguran Jalpai fits well in this category.

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How to reach Baguran Jalpai

I would strongly suggest a drive to this place from Kolkata. One can take the Highway towards Kolaghat, which offers a splendid breakfast destination and then continue on the arrow-straight roads towards the town of Contai. As one progresses, the highway is left behind, and one passes through fertile Indo-Gangetic plain’s fertile lands where crops are grown and supplied to the whole of India. Fields stretch into the horizon, and farmers can be seen toiling in glory.

kolkata beaches
Dash of colours at Baguran

As one crosses the town of Contai, the road narrows and turns towards the Sea. A few km down the road, one reaches the network of village roads connecting the various settlements representing the fishing villages all along the coast of Bengal.

offbeat beach destinations
sunsets at Baguran

It is recommended to stay at Hotel Sagar Niralay, the only worthwhile property if one wishes to keep Baguran Jalpai as the base and explore the nearby beaches. The property offers basic rooms as well cottages which can be chosen. The food is all local cuisine.

explore beaches near Kolkata

Baguran Jalpai Beach

The beach at the village of Baguran Jalpai is surrounded by casuarina forests, a standard feature in this part of the country. Once this is crossed, the beach presents itself in all its glory.

distance of baguran from Kolkata
solitude at Baguran

It still does not draw many visitors from Kolkata like the more famous Madarmoni or Digha, located an hour’s drive away. This ensures that the beach touches the soul and impacts the discerning traveller. One should not visit Baguran Jalpai beach in a hurry. It is like an aged wine to be sipped slowly, allowing it to seep into the senses.

weekend getaways from Kolkata
the silence at Baguran Jalpai

Evenings are even more beautiful at Baguran because they are perfect for spending precious time with nature and watching glorious sunsets. The silence of the place is broken only by waves crashing onto the shoreline, and the wind through the casuarina forest amplifies the beauty of Baguran Jalpai.

explore beaches near digha

Walking into the sunset barefoot with the gentle waves lapping at the feet and the cool breeze caressing the skin with the gorgeous sky changing colours every minute is just too beautiful to put into words.

explore alternate beaches to mandarmoni
soulful moments

As I recommended, if one has a self-drive, one can also explore the beaches of Junput and Bankiput. These beaches are just pretty and offer a great getaway from conventional beaches. One can see the fishermen going about their daily lives out here and walking for miles on virgin calm beaches.

bay of Bengal
the mighty Bay of Bengal coastline

I spent a day in and around Baguran Jalpai, exploring the beaches, lazying in the smooth sand and sitting underneath the shade of the casuarina forests watching the waves coming ever so slowly onto the shoreline. Indeed Baguran Jalpai filled my heart with its presence and vibe.

What is my blog all about ?

My blog focuses quite a bit on the ancient history, the art of India, among other places of travel that I keep doing. In addition to travel and exploring offbeat places, I am also interested in visiting and increasing my awareness of Historical institutions and places within India.

explore beaches of bengal
monsoon flavour at Baguran

Read through the posts on the Kerala folklore Museum in Kochi which showcases the cultural heritage of Kerala. Then we have the reclusive Panch Kedar Trek into the Himalayas to see a slice of timeless History and legends. I am sure a visit to them would be fascinating to just about anyone purely from a visitor’s inquisitive magnificence prism of view, to say the least. In case interested, read about the lonely vigil of St Augustine’s Tower in Old Goa.

So in the context of day trips from Kolkata or weekend trips from Kolkata. I would recommend you browse my journey to MahishadalKhirai,  BarantiPurbasthaliBishnupurSeramporeBandel and Gongoni. There is so much to see in this state, similar to like the Northern Karnataka architectural circuit of Hampi and Badami.

How to reach Baguran Jalpai

Baguran Jalpai is around 160 km from Kolkata and is a 4-hour drive. One has to reach Kolaghat and then put the destination as Contai. From Contai, Baguran is 14 km away.

One must get down at Contai railway Station by train, which also happens to be the nearest railway station to Mandarmoni and then hire a local rickshaw to take you to Baguran. Contai is 144 km from Kolkata.

explore offbeat beaches in India
fishing is an important activity at Baguran Jalpai

Where to stay at Baguran Jalpai

I would suggest staying at Sagar Niralay’s guest house if one keeps Baguran Jalpai as the base. Else one can also stay at a few properties near Junput beach/Bankiput sea beach, including Junput resort. There are no other hotels or resorts in Baguran Jalpai.

beaches in Bengal
walk on the wet sand at Baguran

One can also stay at Digha, which is 45 km away or Madarmoni which is 32 km away from Baguran Jalpai. Mandarmoni, 167 km by road from Kolkata, remains one of the most sought-after beach destinations in Kolkata.

Best time to visit Baguran Jalpai

I would recommend the period from September till February to visit the Baguran Jalpai sea beach. To see the red crabs and witness some glorious sunsets and the wintry mornings. I would also recommend a visit in monsoons to see the drama in the sky.

fishery culture at Bengal
fishery culture at Baguran

What else other than Baguran Jalpai

Few other nearby beaches which can be used as a base/visited

  • Junput sea beach – 5km
  • Mandarmoni – 32 km
  • Bankiput sea beach – 12 km
  • Digha – 45 km
road trip to beaches in Bengal


  • Digha road distance from Kolkata is 179 km
  • Mandarmoni road distance from Kolkata is 167 km
  • Baguran Jalpai road distance from Kolkata is 160 km

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My thoughts

There are some great less explored beaches in West Bengal. I think it would be a great idea to explore few more of them in order to savour the local scenic beauty.

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