About Me

I travel in order to

See : places that are obscure & worth remembering

Feel : the change that these places get inside me

Imbibe : the positivity that is available in off beat travel

Assimilate : some Take Aways from an experience

Distribute : the visuals of these places

Hello everyone,

My name is sumit , and this outreach is my way of contributing to a society some thoughts & experiences that i feel would be beneficial to impressionable minds and would in their own way provide some value addition to the concept of sensitivity towards nature & admiration towards our country.

I am an avid wanderer , travelogue writer , keen photographer , tech gear enthusiast with a love for nature and this country .It has been close to over three years that i have embarked on this passion of mine and it has been a journey that has been very close to my heart.

Thanks for scrolling !!!