A little talk about lenses and their strong points

It was the end of 2013 that I first ventured into the realm of DSLRs with the purchase of the Canon 70D. Why Canon?? Why not Nikon or Sony??

Well honestly, my awareness was more with regard to the name Canon compared to Nikon, hence I opted for Canon and it was largely good fortune and a bit of reading about that I homed onto the Canon 70D. I still remember when I was in the Canon store and they were giving me the Canon 18-135 mm as a Kit lens. A great beginners lens, no doubts on that along with that I picked up the Canon wide angle 10-22 mm. So, I had a combination of a medium zoom and a wide angle with a great camera body.

Over the period of few months, I read and listened to the experts, practised a lot with what I had to get an understanding what digital photography is all about. In due course I realised the limitations and advantages of the lens I had and what was there out in the domain and which would help me in improving my photography ability.

It is the beginning of 2018 and I think I can probably to a degree of authenticity write down my choices for lenses that are needed, for a particular genre of photography. I am still a learner but maybe so many hours with the camera and improving my awareness by listening, reading and comparing what I have have helped me in  understanding what is needed for a particular genre pf photography

So lets begin

Landscape Photography




24-70 MM(2.8) & 10-22 MM : These two will cover just about most of the requirements of the Landscape photographer. The depth of field as well as the width of the focal length will assist most of the situations.


11-24 MM . This is the ultimate when it comes to ultra-wide zoom lenses, a product which is a class apart. This is to be used for landscape photography when one wishes to highlight a particular subject up front and close with the background stretching and filling up the frame.

70-200 MM. This is used by those who wish to get some real tight frames of a subject filling up the entire frame eg shadows of setting sun on the mountains


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Macro Photography




If you wish to actually practice the art of Macro Photography, pick either the 135(2L) mm or 180(3.5) mm though my favorite is the 100 mm Macro which I use whenever i do this genre of photography. This is a genre of photography which is in a league of its own and hence needs specialized lenses and the ab

Aove two are the options that one needs to pick out of. Sometimes I have seen people using 50mm or few other options, but they are not truly lenses designed for Macro Photography which need a minimum reproduction ratio of 1:1 i.e. image at the sensor is same as the image of the object.

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Portraiture Photography



If clicking portraiture is your thing, then there is nothing better than the above choices and the top slot goes to the 85(1.8)-mm prime ably aided by the 70-200(2.8) mm. The depth of focus and bokeh effect coupled with sharpness is achieved by a combination of these two lenses magical and a sure shot winner.


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Architectural Photography



If architectural photography is your passion, well then, the above combination is guaranteed to cover all situations. The 11-24(4L) mm Super Ultra-Wide from the Canon stable is the undisputed king out here. The 17 mm tilt shift lens is quite a game changer and has its advantages over the other two when it comes to shooting large architecture at close range.

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Night photography



For night photography, these lenses are most suited. Generally, one needs to go for the widest lens possible in order to maximize the frame. In few cases lenses like 70-200 mm are also used however they are for very specific visuals of night photography.

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Food photography



Again for photography related to gastronomical delights, think the above lenses are great and would cover all the situations that arise , the 50 mm is for extreme sharp focus and is a powerful tool in the hands of the proficient photographer.

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I am sure there are more genres of photography but I don’t think I am qualified to speak on them. Hope this post of mine offers some clarity into the world of different genre of photography and the lenses most suited for them


9 Replies to “A little talk about lenses and their strong points”

  1. Good thing that I read this post because 1st, I am a Canon user (although mine is a mirrorless camera) and second, I know nothing about lenses. I do know though that there are different lenses for different purposes but I am not knowledgeable about the intricancies of it all. Now at least I have an idea thanks to your post. I am still on a fence about buying a new lens, all I have is the one that came with the camera when I bought it. I just haven’t decided yet if I am going to take photography seriously, for now I just point and shoot. Also, lenses tend to be expensive. But should I decide to buy one then at least now I have an idea which one to get.

  2. This is a rather informative post for beginners in photography like me. Though I’m a Nikon user, your points about how each lens contributes to the achievement of each genre really helps in making newbies like me understand how everything works. Thanks for this post.

  3. This is a great reference for lenses. Although I don’t use Canon. I used Nikon DSLR before then switched to Fuji Mirrorless.

  4. Hey, seriously, I never paid this much attention to the various options of lenses available now a days. I have bookmarked your post so that my husband can also go through it since he takes most of the photos for our website. Thanks a lot for explaining the details in such simple terms that even a non technical person can grab the knowledge easily

  5. Wow! Thank you for this detailed post about lenses. Same as the person above me, I have bookmarked your post for future reference. Looking forward to reading more posts in your blog!

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