Which camera to buy : the intriguing question indeed !!!

Many a time we come across queries posted by fellow photographer enthusiasts asking a very common question, Which camera is the best option to buy for an economical budget


I thought I will share my views on this topic by way of this article. I was a die hard “Point & Shot camera “supporter till the year 2013. During the end of 2013, after a bit of deliberations my thought process altered, and I eventually decided to invest into a DSLR.

Now it is relevant to mention that I had never used a DSLR prior to that nor had ever handled them. Lenses and camera bodies were a totally foreign concept. However once I decided to go in for  a DSLR I just picked Canon as the brand and for the model decided to look at the latest model that had been launched .I guess I was lucky because I selected the Canon 70D as the camera body,  it has been close to four years now that I have been into photography as something more than a hobby , it has been an immensely satisfying experience and is still going strong and I learn something new out here whenever I pick up the camera.


So here are my thoughts if and when you decide to find an answer to the query which camera is the best buy for an economical budget “

Firstly, please understand that camera body is not the deciding factor when it comes to seeing some scintillating visuals, the main component is the lens. Having said that, please invest in a good camera body but spend whole heartedly in the lens for they will enhance your photography multi fold.


If you are serious about photography, select a camera body that you will not outgrow within three years in terms of features. Doing this will ensure that while your interest and expertise grows in photography, the camera body that you would have so thoughtfully selected will still meet your requirements.

If possible avoid buying a full frame DSLR body at the very first opportunity, learn the techniques on a APSC format camera body and when sufficiently familiar over a period of three years or so , graduate to a full frame /full frame professional DSLR.


Photography is a expensive hobby/passion, be prepared to spend wisely but definitely as you progress into it.

Avoid entry level camera bodies, rather go for advanced amateur camera bodies, these will provide you the right number of features.

Some aspects of photography need specific camera models, for eg bird photography/sports photography generally recommended camera bodies in the Canon segment is the Canon 7D MK II, reason being faster frames per sec (fps) capability. Hence be clear what kind of photography are you interested in.

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Don’t waste your breath or stress on which Brand to go in for: Canon or Nikon or Sony. The minute differences in similar comparable models in the same price range generally will never affect a beginner or even an amateur. Its only professionals who are into specific segment pf photography, for them these small difference matter.

Pick a brand and stick to it and grow in it, too frequent changes will result in changing the lenses too and that is a loss of financial money that has been invested

I would recommend one to go in for two lenses with the first purchase of a camera body, a medium zoon and the other medium wide, this would help the user in understanding both the general requirements of zoom as well as wide (my first were the 18-135 mm zoom and the 10-22 mm ultra-wide)

Lastly do read about the model that you have finally homed into, its not very much critical to know about the minute details but yes read the reviews that others who have used that particular model have posted. Key points to consider is performance in low light, weight, number of focus points especially cross focus points.

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Happy photographing !!!!!

21 thoughts on “Which camera to buy : the intriguing question indeed !!!

  1. I have my DSLR camera for 7 years now with the same 18-55mm lens. Recently I decided to buy a new one. I don’t know if it’s also called DSLR. Photography is definitely expensive. But why not? *laughs*

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  2. Canon 7D is our family camera.Photography is definitely a very expensive hobby and it requires a lot of investment.I prefer point shoot cameras to DSLR’s because point shoot cameras are easier to carry but unfortunately the ones which have the same clarity as DSLR cameras are unaffordably expensive

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  3. The first time I learned about photography was back in uni, that was just one class and apart from printing the photo in the black room, I didn’t pay much attention to it. It was only recently that I made an effort to at least know how to use the aperture and the ISO because I bought a mirrorless camera. On whether photography will be a new hobby of mine, that remains to be seen, but I am glad to hear some tips from experts like anyway. It’s still better to know how to use a camera than just mindlessly pointing and shooting.

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  4. My beau will love this post. I am not really picky in cameras but I know that the camera we are using right now is enough for our travels. However, this post gave me a different perspective and I am looking into trying your recommendation.

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  5. I also have the same question. I’m torn between mirrorless and DSLR. I’m currently a DSLR user but my camera has been with me for almost a decade now. Thanks for sharing your perspective. I will keep it into consideration.

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  6. DSLRs take the best pictures . But their bulkiness often makes it difficult to carry them. We have one, but on shorter journeys, we just leave it behind as it takes so much space. Now, some better and compact versions are getting available which is really good to see

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  7. I entered Bh photo shop and asked for a lot of help cause I didnt know what camera to buy. I have a mirrorless Fuji XA 3 but then I was toying iwth a EOS 70D . I ended up getting a sony. It was a tough choice but I am enjoying it now.

    Now, having both, I take my DSLR to my mini city adventures but for longer trips, I prefer my mirrorless. Its just simpler

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  8. Before, I frequently use DSLR camera but now, I am too lazy to use it because it is heavy. When I travel, I pack light so I mostly use my phone to take photos. What I really want to but as of the moment is a compact camera. I think it depends on what do you want and how you will use your camera. Thank you for this insight and tips!

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