Waterfalls in Western Ghats ( series 5)


Western Ghats, The Sahyadri; call it as you desire but one of the most iconic and historical mountain range of Indian Subcontinent, diverse in its biological flora and fauna running along the west coast of India, it is a mind boggling feat of nature and for nature lovers it offers a passage back in time to how nature is supposed to be in all her grandeur.

As i move to the fifth article in this series I would be taking the reader once again to a little emerald in terms of beauty in the Western Ghats, hidden in the mountains.

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vibhooti 2-1

Vibhooti falls, small in size when compared to the other falls in the region but makes an impression because of its beauty. It is a multi-tier, 40 feet fall and it is safe to even venture to the base of the fall in times other than the monsoons.

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 The fall is located about 60 kms from Karwar and 50 kms from Sirsi. Well connected by road, the approach to the fall is comfortable. There is also a parking lot and one odd tea shop to cater to basic requirements. The fall is around one km from the parking lot and there is a well-defined pathway leading to the fall.

( waterfalls in the vicinity )

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The summit of the fall I don’t think can be reached however one can definitely frolic in the base of the fall and can also go till the first and second tiers from bottom provided it is not raining while one is attempting this. The greenery around the fall is a sight to see and rejuvenates the mind and the soul. The dense Sahyadri forests, limestone structures and the relaxing sound of the waterfall coupled with the chirping of the birds will wow any visitor who visits this fall. Once can easily come across snakes, boar and if too late or too early then maybe even the leopard for they abound in the surrounding areas.

It would be ideal to club the fall with a visit to Yana caves ( read about Yana ) , Unchalli falls, Ajigundi falls and temple town of Gokarna(read about Gokarna )


Best time to Visit July-Nov
Essentials Rain gear , good soled shoes , water bottle , Area Map
Look out for Leeches , snakes and narrow roads
Club this visit with Yana caves , Unchalli falls , Gokarna , Ajigundi falls, Shirley falls



17 comments on “Waterfalls in Western Ghats ( series 5)”

  1. One of my favorite part whenever I get the chance to trek in the mountain is to experience the stunning innate beauty of waterfalls. I truly love how you were able to capture the beauty of this waterfalls. I will surely going to traipse my feet here If I get the chance. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

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  2. Western ghats looks truly amazing, I have to say as a lover of waterfalls and hidden places like this I think I’m love haha. Love that you have to go through the dense forest and might even come into contact with wild animals 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  3. How do you take the picture of the waterfalls like that? They look all the more beautiful, almost ethereal. I have always loved waterfalls, I think it’s the most beautiful body of water. And given a chance I would love to check out the Western Ghats, although I am not too keen on seeing snakes and leopards. God I’m scared of them.

    Liked by 1 person

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